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Jānis Lancers, a civil engineer with a long-term work experience, has collected information on the most significant buildings, events and people who have formed and continue to build the development of Latvia's construction, on its 1,600 pages, information on more than 400 buildings has been collected, as well as about 1200 biographical descriptions of the most significant construction enginee ...

SUBJECT: gouvernance; biografias; construccion; education; bridges


The paper discusses motives and inspirations behind the search for modern architectural forms of suspended and cable-stayed bridges. Novel constructions and materials as well as new functional tasks form the main motivation of such actions. It is the domain of geometry as a source of structural forms which has been indicated as inspiring and facilitating the discovery of shapes of those buildi ...

SUBJECT: application des ordinateurs; aplicaciones del ordenador; investigacion; construccion; letonia


The conference on Civil Engineering represents major activities of the Baltic Universities of Agriculture with assistance of other universities of the Baltic States, Nordic countries and Eastern Europe. The objective of the conference is to promote research and practice in civil engineering, to foster the ideas among the various fields contributing to civil engineering, and to promote forums a ...

SUBJECT: ingeniería civil; letonia; research; génie civil; état balte

The article illustrates the recent development conformity attestation system of construction products just before joining European Union in accordance with EU law - European Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC. The improved structure of conformity attestation system and its practical performance is described and illustrated by flowcharts.

SUBJECT: législation; letonia; evaluación; products; evaluation

The main aim of these projects was to investigate the deformation, strength and stability characteristics of carbon plastic reinforced cylindrical concrete column. In the framework of the project at the Institute of Polymer Mechanics of the University of Latvia in previously years started experimental investigations on different configuration composite materials weaving impact on concrete colu ...

SUBJECT: composite materials; letonia; construccion de edificios; lettonie; construction materials

Research papers of students and master students conference on Civil Engineering '2015 discusses and analyses properties and use of construction materials in building industry. Issues on bioeconomics, fire safety, energy conservation and regulations in civil engineering also highlighted.

SUBJECT: construccion; information technology; chemicophysical properties; programme d'enseignement; technologie de l'information

POSTED TO: Zinātniski praktiskās konferences tēžu krājums [2243-6936]


Reports of students and master students conference on Civil Engineering '2016 cover wide-ranging researches in civil engineering and construction. Development, use and investigations of chemicophysical properties of different construction materials are highlighted. Information technology and 3D printing equipment application in construction is viewed. Issues on energy saving, fire safety, legi ...

SUBJECT: construccion; information technology; programme d'enseignement; technologie de l'information; eleve

POSTED TO: Zinātniski praktiskās konferences tēžu krājums [2500-9915]


SUBJECT: concrete; farm buildings; construccion; letonia; beton

SUBJECT: concrete; ingenieria civil; letonia; beton; construccion de edificios

Composite columns are a combination of concrete and steel columns combining the advantages of the both types of materials. Eurocode 4 presents a simplified method for composite column design. For concrete-filled hollow sections, the plastic resistance of the cross-section is given as a sum of the components or taking into account the effect of confinement in the case of circular sections. In t ...

SUBJECT: concrete; metodos; letonia; beton; construccion de edificios

POSTED TO: Proceedings of the Latvia University of Agriculture. B - technical sciences [1407-0871]