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In order to investigate efficacy of the integrated weed management in cotton fields, an experiment was carried out in three locations ( Varamin, Khorasan, Fars) during 2005- 2006. The experiment was conducted in randomized complete block design with 13 treatments and 4 replications. Treatments included: Treflan (trifluralin 48% EC) at 2.5 l/ha (ppi), Sonalan( ethalfluralin 33.3%EC ) at 3.5 l/h ...

SUBJECT: methode de lutte; integrated control; maquinaria de labranza; tillage equipment; materiel de travail du sol


Written Paper

Open Knowledge Repository

The objective of this paper is to: (a) review World Bank's pest management activities during 1999-2004; (b) assess those in view of the changes in the external and internal contexts; (c) identify appropriate opportunities of engagement on pest and pesticide issues; and (d) suggest means to further promote sound pest management in the World Bank operations. The importance of sound pest manageme ...

SUBJECT: hazardous chemicals; biological control; ipm; water resources; poor farmers

SUBJECT: control fisico; equipement; plagas; organisme nuisible; cultural control

POSTED TO: Economic Review (Sri Lanka)

Glis glis is one of the most important pests of Olive in Gilan and Mazandaran provinces especially Roodbar city. Annually it causes great losses to this crop. At present the only customary controlling method for this pest is the use of zinc phosphide baits or in grease, which is an acute rodenticide with enormous harmful effects on human health and the environment. Because of this it's very im ...

SUBJECT: controle du milieu; methode de lutte; efficacite; gestion conventionnelle de ravageur; agentes nocivos

SUBJECT: caracteristicas agronomicas; arthropode; biological control; nematode control; objectif de l'amelioration

POSTED TO: Research Journal of Food and Agriculture (Japan) [0387-9240]

Journal Article

Journal article

SUBJECT: control fisico; plant production; production biologique; cultural control; control de malezas

POSTED TO: Studijni Informace - Rostlinna Vyroba (Czechoslovakia)

SUBJECT: controle du milieu; malattie fungine; symptome; control de enfermedades; cultural control

POSTED TO: Colture Protette (Italy) [0390-0444]

SUBJECT: propiedades fisico-quimicas; plagas; economic plants; vegetable crops; plante

POSTED TO: Shokubutsu Boeki [0037-4091]

SUBJECT: metodos de aplicacion; equipement; lutte; plante; control quimico

SUBJECT: metodos de aplicacion; physical states; plante; etat physique; methode de lutte anti-parasite