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SUBJECT: jambon; donnee statistique; spain; exportation; usa

POSTED TO: Congresos y Jornadas. Serie Industrias Ganaderas - Junta de Andaluc.a (Espa.a).

SUBJECT: usa; japan; development aid; amerique latine; belgique

SUBJECT: japan; rendement en viande; south africa; sire evaluation; razas mixtas

POSTED TO: Bulletin - International Bull Evaluation Service (Sweden) [1011-6079]

A review of aid donors

Randel, J. et al. [1998]

SUBJECT: suisse; usa; development aid; japan; belgique

SUBJECT: republica de corea; world markets; exportation; suisse; usa

POSTED TO: Agra Europe Special Report (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: usa; japan; belgique; rfts; poland

POSTED TO: Bulletin - International Bull Evaluation Service (Sweden) [1011-6079]

SUBJECT: spain; usa; japan; reino unido; gatt/ alemania


Written Paper

Library of Antonin Svehla

The article reviews overall eco-epidemiological importance of dogs in Lyme disease surveillance. Till to date considerable work has been done in the field of canine seroprevalence. Anti-Borrelia antibodies in dogs have been reported in most of the major European countries. Similar seroprevalence in hunting dogs and humans, particularly in hunters, illuminates close relation and linked epidemio ...

SUBJECT: usa; borreliosis; japan; slovak republic; hote

POSTED TO: Veterinarni Medicina - UZPI (Czech Republic) [0375-8427]