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SUBJECT: arroz; oryza punctata; oryza barthii; oryza sativa; seed set

POSTED TO: Journal of Agricultural Science (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: vigueur hybride; recombination; oryza sativa; tetraploidie; mathematical models

POSTED TO: dal Seme (Italy)

Wild species of Oryza and alien introgression lines (AILs) derived from wide crosses were evaluated for resistance to yellow stem borer (YSB) based on larval mortality and weight, deadheart and whitehead damage. Wild species were resistant to YSB based on cut stem bioassay; O. rufipogon and O. longistaminata showed increased larval mortality and reduced larval weight. Some accessions of O.glab ...

SUBJECT: marcadores geneticos; oryza rufipogon; oryza sativa; pest resistance; scirpophaga incertulas

SUBJECT: oryza punctata; oryza rufipogon; oryza sativa; pest resistance; ovaries

POSTED TO: Acta Phytophylacica Sinica (China) [0577-7518]

SUBJECT: genomes; oryza rufipogon; oryza sativa; gene transposition; classification

POSTED TO: International Rice Research Notes (Philippines) [0115-0944]

SUBJECT: plaste; oryza sativa; electrophorese; plastids; oryza perennis

POSTED TO: Japanese Journal of Genetics (Japan) [0021-504X]

The following problems are discribed: tolerance to a new herbicide, pyributycarb, evaluated both at the plant and cellular levels; somaclonal selection of herbicide tolerance: benthiocarb and molinate; callus formation and protoplast culture from wild species of the genus Oryza; somatic hybrids between a japonica strain and two wild species; effect od gamma radiation an anther culture. The wor ...

SUBJECT: f2 hybrids; oryza sativa; callus; mutants; hybride somatique

POSTED TO: formerly Genetica Polonica [1234-1983]

SUBJECT: triticum aestivum; oryza sativa; tecnicas de trazadores; nitrogen metabolism; rendement des cultures

SUBJECT: shading; dioxido de carbono; carbon dioxide; oryza rufipogon; oryza sativa

POSTED TO: Journal of Experimental Botany (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: arroz; oryza sativa; plante transgenique; transgenics; environmental impact