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Monitoring the health of milking staff whilst increasing efficiency

Jakob, M., Leibniz-Institut fuer Agrartechnik Bornim [2011]

Structural changes in the dairy industry go hand-in-hand with both increasing farm size and rising milk yields, at the same time as milk production is streamlined and optimised.[...]Working height is dependent on the depth of the milking pit, the cow's udder-to-floor distance and the shoulder height of the employee. The udder-to-floor distance alone can range between 40 and 70 cm. To enable th ...

SUBJECT: germany; salas de ordeno; dairy farms; bone diseases; farmers

POSTED TO: ART-Schriftenreihe (Switzerland) [1661-7584]

Milking technology significantly influences udder health and the milkability of cows. Individual-quarter milking systems with a single hose guide without clawpiece and with a low vacuum (37 kPa), such as the MultiLactor®, are meant to be gentle on the udder tissue and to ensure even, thorough milking.[...]Milk-flow curves and somatic cell-count scores were used to assess individual-quarter mil ...

SUBJECT: germany; glande mammaire; salas de ordeno; glandulas mamarias; measurement

POSTED TO: ART-Schriftenreihe (Switzerland) [1661-7584]

Hyperkeratoses of the teat: What are the causes?

Rudovsky, H.-J., Dr. Hans-Juergen Rudovsky et al. [2011]

In a herd with 130 HF cows (herd average 9065 kg milk/year), the teat tips of all lactating cows were examined monthly over a 24 month period according to the 5-stage key. This intensive inspection, coupled with regular servicing of the milking parlour (FGM 2x7), ensured consistent milking conditions in the trial. For the statistical analysis, the severity levels of the hyperkeratoses observed ...

SUBJECT: genetic disorders; germany; glande mammaire; salas de ordeno; methode statistique

POSTED TO: ART-Schriftenreihe (Switzerland) [1661-7584]

In automatic milking systems (AMS's), and unless the technical equipment for teat cleaning complies with the provisions of Appendix B, ISO 20966, the cleanliness of the cow's udder must be ensured before milking takes place. The aim of the present study was to evaluate how successfully the directly visible surface of the teats and the defined teat zones had been cleaned. Teat contamination was ...

SUBJECT: germany; glande mammaire; salas de ordeno; higiene; evaluacion

POSTED TO: ART-Schriftenreihe (Switzerland) [1661-7584]

SUBJECT: ecologie; spain; ecologia; utilizacion de la tierra; sociology

POSTED TO: Fondo Documental Audiovisual Moderno (España)

SUBJECT: live vaccines; vacuna viva; enfermedades infecciosas; vacunacion; control de enfermedades

POSTED TO: Tierras de Castilla y León. Ganadería (España)

SUBJECT: spain; damage; regeneration; degat; incendios forestales

Soil biochemical properties following experimental fires and different rehabilitation techniques

Fontúrbel, M.T., Centro de Investigación e Información Ambiental, Lourizán et al. [2010]

SUBJECT: spain; soil chemicophysical properties; organisme indicateur; organismos indicadores; biologie du sol

SUBJECT: spain; control de la erosion; regeneration; siembra; incendios forestales

[Analysis of post-fire restoration treatment with fascines on burnt vegetation recovery]

Gimeno, T., Centro de Estudios Ambientales del Mediterráneo, Paterna et al. [2010]

SUBJECT: spain; estabilizacion del suelo; stabilisation du sol; control de la erosion; incendios forestales