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The thesis of promotion is made during time period from February 2009 to October 2012 at the Department of Architecture and Constructions of the Faculty of Rural Engineering of Latvia University of Agriculture. The research subject of promotion: cultural and natural heritage of the historic gardens and parks. The historic parks and gardens landscape policy and social-economic aspects in 21st c ...

SUBJECT: parques publicos; jardines; research; cuestionarios; parc public


The aim of the research is to facilitate the development of pedagogy students’ readiness for professional activities, to develop and approbate the ecological approach based conception of practice in the school environment and the methodology for self-evaluation. Research objectives: 1. The development of theoretical basis for the facilitation of the evaluation and development of pedagogy stude ...

SUBJECT: ecologie; investigacion; education; metodologia; letonia


The aim of the doctoral thesis: to carry out the revision of the world fauna of the genus Omophron. The following tasks have been set for the achievement of the research aim: to summarize and analyze the data published on the species of the genus Omophron; to carry out the revision of specimens of all previously described taxa types and unprocessed specimens of the leading world museums; to ca ...

SUBJECT: investigacion; letonia; genus; fauna; latvia


Environmental stress and physiological stress are both interrelated and can influence body condition of birds either in reproductive or non-reproductive seasons. Therefore the number of trade-offs are expected between resource availability, social status and individual condition, prevalence and parasitemias (the intensity of infection) of infections by blood parasites, survival and reproductiv ...

SUBJECT: investigacion; stress; survie; letonia; fisiologia animal


The aim of the Doctoral thesis is to investigate spider communities in coastal habitats and to identify the factors of highest impact on spider communities. The following tasks were identified: (1) to investigate spider fauna along the coast of the Baltic Sea in Latvia; (2) to investigate spider communities and factors, having an impact on them; (3) to compare diversity of spiders in different ...

SUBJECT: ecologie; investigacion; coastal area; letonia; araneae


The aim of the doctoral thesis is to carry out the research of the Latvian fauna Curculionidae fauna, systematics, and biogeography, and to determine essential and practically useful identification characters for weevils’ taxa. Main tasks of the study: to summarize and analyse the data published on the Curculionidae fauna of Latvia; to process the material recorded during the research, as well ...

SUBJECT: investigacion; biogeografia; letonia; biogeography; fauna


Aim of the present research to study development of vocational secondary school students' competitiveness for studies in the European area of higher education work out and approbate the model of improvement of students' competitiveness.

SUBJECT: efficacite; europa; efficiency; enseignement; letonia

The tissue cyst-forming coccidium Toxoplasma gondii is a one of teh more polyxenous known to date. It has a facultatively heteroxenus life cycle and can probably infect all warm blooded animals (mammals and birds) and humans. T. gondii is prevalent in most areas of the world and is of veterinary and medical importance, because it may cause abortion or congenital diseases in its intermediate ho ...

SUBJECT: toxoplasmose; investigacion; huespedes; letonia; hosts


The main aim of this thesis was to test the reliability of the use of nylon monofilaments in ecological immunology of insects. The first task of this thesis was to tested whether the encapsulation response is costly and whether there is a trade-off between the strength of encapsulation and the remaining life span in mealworm beetles T. molitor. The second task of this thesis was to test whethe ...

SUBJECT: ecologie; investigacion; letonia; ecologia; inmunologia


Theoretical value of doctorate work is development of new algorithms, procedures and models for intelligent control modelling of electrical processes and motion. Practical value of doctorate work is the possibility to improve efficiency of electric transport using developed models, algorithms and procedures for control of electric transport system.

SUBJECT: investigacion; modele mathematique; letonia; electricite; mathematical models