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The purpose of the executed study is to characterise the variability and anisotropy of the geotechnical properties of the glacigenic soils in detail - in the decimetre range, paying special attention to the experimental measurements, in order to ensure accurate interpretation for the solution of geotechnical problems in the Latvian geological conditions.

SUBJECT: glacial till soils; investigacion; soil chemicophysical properties; letonia; moraine soils

The aim of the thesis is to identify the illite structures occurring in the glacigenic sediments and their distribution within the geological section. The evaluation of scientific literature has demonstrated that, under the influence of even small outside factors, changes in the structures of cis-vacant and trans-vacant alumosilicates take place, which, possibly, could indicate at changes in t ...

SUBJECT: investigacion; letonia; espectrometria; minerales de arcilla; lettonie

This study deals with zoogeography, taxonomy, faunal composition, and ecology of ground beetles (Carabidae) inhabiting alpine areas of Southern Siberia and Iberian Peninsula.

SUBJECT: investigacion; letonia; western europe; fauna; taxonomy

The aim of dissertation: to make the research of Latvian Chrysomelidae s. l. fauna, systematics, and biogeography, to clarify fundamental and useful morphological and genital characters for the identification of the leaf beetle taxa.

SUBJECT: investigacion; biogeografia; chrysomelidae; insectos depredadores de las hojas; letonia

Doctoral thesis has been carried out at the Pathology laboratory of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Chonbuk National University, South Korea from September 2005 to June 2006 and at the Preclinical institute of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Latvia University of Agriculture from September 2006 to December 2009. The aim of the research was to investigate helicobacteria in the gastric mu ...

SUBJECT: helicobacter pylori; investigacion; tejidos animales; muqueuse; perro


Doctoral thesis is to study the character of accumulation of chemical elements in peat depending on peat properties, features of bogs, and the character of peat accumulation, as well as the impact of local and regional pollution sources on the type of element accumulation in raised bogs of Latvia. The main sources of elements in the peat mass are organisms that form peat, groundwater, and prec ...

SUBJECT: investigacion; soil chemicophysical properties; letonia; turba; research

In this thesis are presented results of: glacial geology and glaciotectonics of the Baltic sea coastal bluffs, mapping of the glacial landscape and established chronostratigraphy of the upper part of western Latvia Pleistocene sedimentary sequence. Results from the glaciotectonic structure reconstructions allow to differentiate three distinct subglacial deformation environments: (I) diapiric f ...

SUBJECT: glacial till soils; investigacion; geomorphology; estratigrafia; letonia

In this thesis results of studies, carried out for time interval 1996–2009, are presented covering morphology and classification of gullies, as well regularities of erosion landforms development and their spatial distribution in south-eastern Latvia. Studies of gullies were performed in the Latgale and the Augšzeme Uplands, and the River Daugava Valley by the applying field survey methods, ana ...

SUBJECT: investigacion; erosion en ravins; geomorphology; metodos; letonia

The till micromorphology examination in thin sections is a routinely used tool to study the formation of subglacial sediments, but the microstructures are described in subjective terms, and objective research methods are rare. In this work the spatial distribution of microfabric is examined in tills outcropping along the coastal cliffs of the Baltic Sea in Western Latvia, using a specially dev ...

SUBJECT: glacial till soils; investigacion; geomorphology; estratigrafia; letonia

The research on the development of professional competence of the heads of external relations units, conditions for the study programme development. A model of professional competence of the head of external relations unit is worked out, its indicators and levels are described. A study process model for the study programme development is theoretically proved and verified in practice. Professio ...

SUBJECT: relations internationales; investigacion; enseignement; letonia; ensenanza