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SUBJECT: colorfastness; poinciana; colour; yellow poinciana; natural dye

SUBJECT: soaking; production; identification; acanthaceae; isolation

POSTED TO: Journal of Agricultural Research and Extension [0125-8850]

SUBJECT: plante sauvage; plantas textiles; plante de couverture; plantas tintoreas; ornamental plants

SUBJECT: antioxidantes; propagation materials; materiales de propagacion; acidos grasos; feed crops

POSTED TO: Journal of Japanese Society of Food and Nutrition (Japan) [0021-5376]

SUBJECT: produit forestier non ligneux; essential oil crops; plante oleagineuse; plante a cire; plantas curtientes


SUBJECT: medicinal plants; plante transgenique; plantas tintoreas; catharanthus roseus; expresion genica

POSTED TO: Transgenic Research (United Kingdom)

Tagetes: a multipurpose plant

Padma Vasudevan et al. [1997]

SUBJECT: tagetes; plantas tintoreas; nematicidal properties; insecticidal plants; ornamental plants

POSTED TO: Bioresource Technology (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: plantas textiles; produit forestier non ligneux; plantas tintoreas; ornamental plants; drug plants

POSTED TO: RAP Publication (FAO)

New Zealand's economic native plants

Cooper, R.C. et al. [1991]

SUBJECT: edible species; plante sauvage; plantas textiles; plantas tintoreas; plantas para bebidas

SUBJECT: nonwood forest products/ industrial crops; small enterprises; traitement; productos forestales no lenosos/ plantas industriales; plantas tintoreas

POSTED TO: Non-Wood Forest Products (FAO) [1020-3370]