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SUBJECT: spain; tomate; prix; paises mediterraneos; commerce

POSTED TO: ZMP - der Markt. Obst und Gemuese (Germany, F.R.)

SUBJECT: demanda; usa; oecd; servicios publicos; servicios sociales

SUBJECT: spain; ornamental plants; reino unido; germany; royaume uni

POSTED TO: Marche International des Fleurs et Feuillages (France) [0182-1547]

SUBJECT: spain; estructura agricola; working population; economic situation; reino unido

POSTED TO: Chambres d'Agriculture (France) [0396-7883]

SUBJECT: belgique; production data; prunus armeniaca; european communities; italie

POSTED TO: Etudes CTIFL (France) [1159-1684]

The EU tropical forestry sourcebook

Shepherd, G. et al. [1998]

SUBJECT: development aid; belgique; italie; suede; italia

SUBJECT: spain; siblings; reino unido; crabs; taxonomy

POSTED TO: Molecular Ecology (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: usa; japan; development aid; amerique latine; belgique

SUBJECT: spain; tomate; exportation; exports; belgique

POSTED TO: ZMP - der Markt. Obst und Gemuese (Germany)

SUBJECT: politica de produccion; spain; vegetables; european communities; trade policies

POSTED TO: Infos CTIFL (France)