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SUBJECT: arroz; oryza sativa; plante transgenique; transgenics; environmental impact

SUBJECT: panicum miliaceum; triticum aestivum; hordeum; oryza sativa; evolucion

SUBJECT: oryza sativa; chemicophysical properties; polissage; contenido proteico; composicion quimica

POSTED TO: International Rice Research Notes (Philippines) [0117-4185]

Ninety accessions of rice including Chinese common wild rice collected from eight provinces and land races of rice collected from lower and middle basins of Yangtze River, Southeast China, and Yunnan province as well as some commercial cultivars were analyzed by RAPD with 24 primer. Out of the 196 RAPD markers, 157 were polymorphic among the wild rice accessions, 144 polymorphic among the japo ...

SUBJECT: marcadores geneticos; polimorfismo genetico; oryza sativa; cina; oryza sativa

POSTED TO: Journal of Genetics & Breeding (Italy) [0394-9257]

SUBJECT: poder patogeno; oryza sativa; pest resistance; crescita; mathematical models

POSTED TO: Nematologia Mediterranea (Italy) [0391-9749]

SUBJECT: marcadores geneticos; dna probes; oryza sativa; wide cross; restriction enzymes

POSTED TO: Theoretical and Applied Genetics (Germany) [0040-5752]

SUBJECT: longueur; oryza rufipogon; crecimiento; largura; largeur

POSTED TO: Japanese Journal of Crop Science (Japan) [0011-1848]

SUBJECT: banque de genes; japon/ oryza sativa; oryza glaberrima; japan/ oryza sativa; introduced varieties

POSTED TO: Journal of Agricultural Science (Japan) [0388-8479]

Accessions of Oryza longistaminata, O. glaberrima, and O. sativa were screened to identify sources or resistance to Meloidogyne graminicola. Cuttings of these African rice species and 5-d-old seedlings of O. sativa cultivars were inoculated with 6,000 M. graminicola J2/plant in three splits at 2-d intervals a week after planting. Root nematode populations were estimated 60 days after the last ...

SUBJECT: inoculacion; meloidogyne graminicola; oryza sativa; oryza glaberrima; pest resistance

POSTED TO: Philippine Journal of Crop Science (Philippines) [0115-463X]

Journal Article

Journal article

Wageningen UR, Library

SUBJECT: heredite cytoplasmique/ sterilite interspecifique; oryza rufipogon; varieties; oryza glaberrima; oryza sativa

POSTED TO: Euphytica (Netherlands)