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SUBJECT: resistencia a la sequia; resistenz; resistance a la secheresse; sorte; blatt

SUBJECT: distribution naturelle; biological properties; oryza sativa; sesamia inferens; insecte depredateur des tiges

POSTED TO: Plits (Germany) [0175-6192]

SUBJECT: terrace cropping; intensive farming; poblacion animal; oryza sativa; insecta

POSTED TO: Plits (Germany, F.R.) [0175-6192]

SUBJECT: extension; oryza sativa; plant production; saison seche; vulgarisation

POSTED TO: BAR [Bureau of Agricultural Research] Research and Development Digest (Philippines) [1655-3934]

Rice, being a food staple and source of primary income of most of the Filipinos, is a very important crop in the country. Destruction to these crops will affect the life and livelihood of many individuals. One of the causes of damage to these plants are pests, like the rice black bug (RBB) or 'itim na atangya'. The feed on the rice plant from seedling to maturity growth stages and causes dead ...

SUBJECT: leptocorisa; rain; models; geographical information systems; plagas migratorias

POSTED TO: Philippine Agricultural Mechanization Journal (Philippines) [0118-8275]

Fields of glory

Yap, A.C., Department of Agriculture, Elliptical Rd., Diliman [2010]

SUBJECT: riego; biotechnology; capacitacion; oryza sativa; fishes

New approach in biological rodent control using a protozoan parasite

Duque, U., Philippine Rice Research Inst., Maligaya, Science City of Muñoz et al. [oct2009]

Sarcocystis singaporensis is a parasitic protozoan native to southeast Asia, which cycles between the reticulated python and rodents of the genera Rattus and Bandicota to sustain its life. Since 2001, a formulation containing live parasites in various life stages is being commercialized for rodent control in various Southeast Asian countries after extensive laboratory studies and data reviews ...

SUBJECT: oryza sativa; roedores; tailandia; attractif; malaysia

POSTED TO: Philippine Entomologist (Philippines) [0048-3753]

Hybrid [rice] seeds double farmers' incomes despite El Niño

Department of Agriculture Press Office, Diliman [may2010]

SUBJECT: dry season; agricultores; oryza sativa; saison seche; rendement des cultures

POSTED TO: BAR [Bureau of Agricultural Research] Chronicle (Philippines) [1655-3942]

SUBJECT: necesidades de nutrientes; extension; oryza sativa; aplicacion de abonos; vulgarisation

POSTED TO: BAR [Bureau of Agricultural Research] Chronicle (Philippines) [1655-3942]