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Canadian Agriculture Library

SUBJECT: hongos del suelo; materia organica; estados del nordeste (eua); bacteria; suelo acido

POSTED TO: Canadian journal of botany = Journal canadien de botanique (Canada) [0008-4026]

SUBJECT: forest trees; simulacion; usa; ecologie forestiere; ecological succession

POSTED TO: Journal of Ecology (Oxford) (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: conflict; usa; pacific states (usa); etats unis; pacific northwest states of usa

POSTED TO: Journal of Environmental Management (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: environmental information managemen; usa; pacific states (usa); utilizacion de la tierra; sistemas de informacion

SUBJECT: tableros de particulas; production; plywood; mdf; amerique du nord

POSTED TO: Holz- und Moebelindustrie (Germany) [0721-2585]

Data from 171 slash pine progeny tests, incorporating over 700 different families from more than 2100 first-generation parents and approximately 170000 trees, were used to estimate variance and covariance components by Restricted Maximum Likelihood (REML) in both single-site and paired- site analyses. From these REML estimates, genetic parameters (heritabilities, proportion of dominance, type ...

SUBJECT: pinus elliottii; genetic parameters; epreuve sur la descendance; parametre genetique; south eastern states (usa)

POSTED TO: Silvae Genetica (Germany) [0037-5349]

SUBJECT: exportation; usa; blockhaeuser; exports; 174.7 thuja plicata

POSTED TO: Holz-Zentralblatt (Germany) [0018-3792]

SUBJECT: usa; industria maderera; vorbedingungen; investigacion de mercados; market research

POSTED TO: Holz-Zentralblatt (Germany, F.R.) [0018-3792]

SUBJECT: genetische variation; usa; wachstum; krankheiten; trees

POSTED TO: Mitteilungen der Bundesforschungsanstalt fuer Forst- und Holzwirtschaft (Germany, F.R.) [0368-8798]

SUBJECT: vertebrados; usa; plant communities; communaute vegetale; composicion botanica

POSTED TO: Journal of Environmental Management (United Kingdom)