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SUBJECT: world markets; usa; precios de mercado; oferta; pakistan

AMTEC [Agricultural Machinery Testing and Evaluation Center, UPLB, College, Laguna, Philippines] have tested 476 various engines from 1982 to 2009 with power rating of at most 18.7 kw (25 hp). These consisted of gasoline (35.3%), air-cooled diesel (16.8%) and water-cooled diesel engines (47.9%). The engines were imported from different countries with the most number coming from China (23.7%), ...

SUBJECT: republica de corea; usa; equipment performance; japan; korea republic

POSTED TO: Philippine Agricultural Mechanization Journal (Philippines) [0118-8275]



Wageningen UR, Library

SUBJECT: salinity; flooded land; south eastern states (usa); estados del sudeste (eua); foret

POSTED TO: Forest Ecology and Management (Netherlands) [0378-1127]

[U.S. mexican coffee demand]

Flores Cruz, G. [1987]

SUBJECT: demanda; exportation; usa; exports; exportaciones

SUBJECT: etats-unis; estados unidos de america; mexico; usa; mexique

SUBJECT: brazil; germplasm; materiel genetique; etats unis/ espece; brasil

POSTED TO: Bulletin des Ressources Genetiques Vegetales (CIRP/FAO); Noticiario de Recursos Geneticos Vegetales (CIRF/FAO)

SUBJECT: usa; tarif douanier; etats unis; azucar; accord commercial

POSTED TO: F. O. Licht's international sugar report = F. O. Lichts europaeisches Zuckerjournal (Germany, F.R.)



Wageningen UR, Library

SUBJECT: usa/ dna; mitochondrie; population structure; mitocondria; mitochondria

POSTED TO: Fisheries Research (Netherlands) [0165-7836]

SUBJECT: exportation; mexico; mercados mundiales/ estados unidos de america; mexique; exports

POSTED TO: Exportacion (Costa Rica)

SUBJECT: variation saisonniere; usa; arizona; pluie; winter

POSTED TO: International Journal of Climatology (United Kingdom)