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SUBJECT: animal breeding; genetica; useful animals; animal nutrition; nutricion animal

SUBJECT: elevage; useful animals; processed animal products; ganaderia; foods

SUBJECT: deficiencias nutritivas; animal nutrition; tierras agrícolas; nutrient deficiencies; physiologie de la nutrition

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SUBJECT: nutrition physiology; aliment pour animaux; santé; terre agricole; degradación del suelo

SUBJECT: nutricion humana; necesidades de nutrientes; animal nutrition; nutricion animal; physiologie de la nutrition

POSTED TO: Top agrar spezial. Landwirtschaft aktuell fuer Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Sachsen, Thueringen (Germany)


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In many developing countries, consumption of animal source foods among the poor is still at a level where increasing its share in total caloric intake may have many positive nutritional benefits. This paper explores whether ownership of various livestock species increases consumption of animal source foods and helps improve child nutritional status. The paper finds some evidence that fo ...

SUBJECT: nutritional value; determinants; employment income; food consumption expenditure; development economics

El conejo: cría y patología

Lebas, F. et al. [1996]

SUBJECT: elevage; breeds (animals); animal breeding; carne de conejo; pathology

POSTED TO: Coleccion FAO: Produccion y Sandidad Animal (FAO) [1014-6423]

SUBJECT: fisiologia animal; camarao; ecologia animal; tanque; reproducao animal

SUBJECT: elevage; breeds (animals); animal breeding; carne de conejo; ganaderia

POSTED TO: FAO Animal Production and Health Series (FAO) [1010-9021]