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In Bulgaria the exotic zoonoses monocytic ehrlichiosis and granulocytic anaplasmosis have never been studied. Canine visceral leishmaniasis was investigated, but the disease has not been detected. The unclear picture, the occurrence of the disease in some adjacent, countries, and the annual incidence of leishmaniasis among people in Bulgaria motivated the large-scale screening and investigatio ...

SUBJECT: blood disorders; perro; bacteria; blood composition; trouble sanguin

SUBJECT: semen; vitamina e; antioxidants; análise estatística; methode statistique

SUBJECT: propriedade físico-química; tourteau de soja; glycine max; chemicophysical properties; capra hircus

SUBJECT: traitement; cromatografia; propriedade físico-química; cromatografia; aguardientes

SUBJECT: plante a huiles essentielles; investigacion; pesquisa florestal; plantas aromaticas; essential oil crops

POSTED TO: Ciência Florestal (Brazil) [0103-9954]

SUBJECT: zingiberaceas; drug plants; plantas medicinales; anatomia vegetal; rizomas

POSTED TO: Revista Brasileira de Plantas Medicinais (Brazil) [1516-0572]

SUBJECT: anatomie vegetale; floração; floraison; olea europaea; plant anatomy

SUBJECT: lignina; semilla; fisiologia vegetal; genes; gene

SUBJECT: crecimiento; produção florestal; croissance; foret; produccion forestal

SUBJECT: ferrugem; colletotrichum gloeosporioides; colletotrichum; rouille; variedade