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Presented are the results of research carried out in the Moscow region in 2017-2018 on the effectiveness of the combined use of biofungicides and growth regulators, which are effective against pathogens of seed and soil infection for the protection of medicinal crops. The preparations Fitosporin-M and Alirin-B contain living cells Bacillus subtillis, serve an alternative to chemical plant prot ...

SUBJECT: root rots; survie; faculte germinative des semences; survival; estimulantes de crecimiento vegetal

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The influence of a wide range of oil pollution doses (from 1 to 60 g/kg abs. dry soil) on toxicological and agrochemical indicators of soddy-podzolic soils was studied by field and laboratory methods. It has been shown that the most common in practice (stipulated by the GOST) method of determining the content of petroleum products using IR-spectrophotometry allows determining in polluted soil ...

SUBJECT: sodic soils; residues; podzoles; soil toxicity; toxicite du sol

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The data of agrochemical studies and field experimentsin the Kemerovo regionare presented.It allowed us to establish the changesin soil acidity since 1966 to the present time. The acidity index pH(KCl) decreased by 8% for this period. There was a transformation of arable land by expanding the area of acidic soils and reducing ofneutral ones from 43 to 10%, and acidic soils appeared even in the ...

SUBJECT: suelo acido; acid soils; rendement des cultures; abonos inorganicos; engrais mineral

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Efficiency of mineral and organic fertilization systems at soddy-podzolic soil in conditions of deficit nutrition balance

Marchuk, E.V., All-Russia Research and Development, Production and Technology Inst. of Organic Fertilizers and Peat [2019]

The field experiementswere conducted in the Vladimir regionduring 2015-2017.The relation between the agrocoenosis productivity, the agrochemical properties of soddy-podzolic sandy loam soil, the types and norms of fertilizers calculated for partial and full return of its removal is established. As it is shown, the deficit balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium leads to a significant low ...

SUBJECT: engrais organique; fertilite du sol; podzoles; fertilidad del suelo; abonos inorganicos

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The results of researches on development of new elements of industry-wide linguistic facilities allowing to form, structure databases and effective search in them are presented. The purpose of the work was to actualize the polythematic information retrieval thesaurus in agriculture and foods (IRT) with new lexis to provide exact description of domain areas, reflection of the content of documen ...

SUBJECT: plant growth substances; terminology; thesaurus; terminologia; terminologie

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The research was carried out in 2016-2016 in the Stavropol krai in the unstable precipitation zone. The influence of traditional crop cultivation method and direct seeding without tillage on the quantity of plant residues, changes during vegetation and distribution in the 0-30 cm layer are shown. These indices were compared in crop production conditions. It is established that before direct se ...

SUBJECT: cultivos; siembra directa; direct sowing; semis direct; crops

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Organic fertilizers in the form of peat-manure compost (TNK) and mineral fertilizers in the norms calculated for the planned crop of herbs (15 t/ha of green feed) and potatoes (15 t/ha of tubers) were applied in the fodder six-field crop rotation on soddy-podzolic soil (two fields of potatoes, perennial and annual grasses). It is established that at use of organic fertilizer system the humus c ...

SUBJECT: fertilite du sol; engrais npk; compost; npk fertilizers; podzoles

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The influence of various resource-saving tillage and fertilizer systems on the agrochemical properties of light-gray forest soil in the grain crop rotation link "mustard – winter wheat – soybeans" is shown. The use of traditional, surfacial, minimal and zero technologies on light gray forest soils in the above-indicated rotation system provides an increase in the exchange acidity from 5.6 to 5 ...

SUBJECT: sous solage; labranza convencional; soil chemicophysical properties; travail du sol conventionnel; abonos inorganicos

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The influence of increasing concentrations of tungsten nanoparticles (10, 30, 90 and 120 mg/kg of dry matter) in artificial soil on the adaptive capacity of worms, microbiocoenosis of intestinal worms and soil before and after vermicultivation for 28 days are studied. Tungsten (W) nanoparticles of 50.7±0.3 nM were used, and the Z potential was of 30.00±0.26 mV. A preliminary analysis of the bi ...

SUBJECT: bactericides; bactericide; flora intestinal; catalasa; eisenia foetida

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There is considered the development history of the journal "Agrochemical Herald". The publications of the journal over the 90-year existence have been analyzed: from 1929 till 2018 using the bibliometric methods. The status and remit of the journal, fullness of its sections, dynamics of changing the publication frequency, size of circulation, reference matter of the publication, readership, an ...

SUBJECT: ecologie; historia; chimie du sol; quimica del suelo; ecologia

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