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Studies considering the effect of different rates of dolomite powder (DP) on soil properties were carried out in 2001-2010 in Tatarstan Republic. The soil under study is leached chernozem, moderately heavy loamy. The cultivated crop rotation was the following: fallow – winter rye – corn – spring wheat. DP used has parameters: moisture content – 12.1%; CaCO3 + MgCO3 (CaCO3 – 59-52%, MgCO3 – 44- ...

SUBJECT: retention hydrique du sol; soil water retention; amendement a base de dolomie; dolomitic lime (amendment); unidades estructurales de suelos

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Nontraditional organic fertilizer: lignin – poultry manure – bark – cattle manure and lignin – bark – mineral – cattle manure are made from waste of the timber industry (bark, lignin) and livestock (cattle manure, poultry manure), by biothermal composting with careful stirring of the mixture components. The influence on the humus condition, acidity, water-physical and agrochemical soil propert ...

SUBJECT: engrais organique; sol alluvial; compost; cultivos; suelo aluvial

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Проведен анализ данных о развитии процессов деградации в зонально-провинциальных почвах Европейской части России. Выделены наиболее значимые показали, характеризующие антропогенную деградацию почв: содержание гумуса, плотность, кислотность, соотношение гуминовых и фульвокислот в гумусе. Предложена модель энергетического состояния почвы (расчет коэффициента энергетического ресурса), позволяющая ...

SUBJECT: modele mathematique; type de sol genetique; degradacion del suelo; mathematical models; genetic soil types

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Дана оценка современной (по данным на 2015 г.) радиологической обстановки на с.-х. угодьях (СУ) 115 хозяйств 6 юго-западных районов Брянской области, в наибольшей степени подвергшихся воздействию от аварии на Чернобыльской АЭС. Показано, что в исследуемых хозяйствах средние уровни загрязнения с.-х. угодий цезием (Cs-137) в 2015 г. составляли 210 кБк/м2 и варьировались в очень широких пределах: ...

SUBJECT: tierras agricolas; contamination radioactive; technique de prevision; forecasting; descontaminacion radiactivadescontaminacion radiactiva (suelo)

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Effectiveness of mining coal industry wastes as a fertilizer on soddy-podzolic soil of the Cis-Ural region was studied in field experiment in 2007-2013. The greatest increase in grain yield of field crops (control: winter rye – 2.31 t/ha, spring wheat – 1.51 t/ha, barley – 2.58 t/ha, oat – 1.62 t/ha) was noted when applying the coal wastes at dose of 1.5 t/ha - by 0.19-0.62 t/ha, and of clover ...

SUBJECT: green feed; rendement des cultures; fourrage vert; crops; granos

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The possibility of the basic soil treatment minimization on the background of fertilizer application to spring wheat yield increase, preservation and reproduction of leached chernozem fertility in Tatarstan Republic was under study. The research was conducted in 2011-2013 in 7-field crop rotation in a link of black fallow – winter wheat – spring wheat. The following basic soil treatments were ...

SUBJECT: profitability; triticum aestivum; soil chemicophysical properties; aplicacion de abonos; cultivos de primavera

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Influence of cereal and legume straw on carbon content, agrochemical properties and nutrient balance in soddy-podzolic soil

Rusakova, I.V., All-Russia Research and Development, Production and Technology Inst. of Organic Fertilizers and Peat [2015]

The effect of cereals and legumes straw with repeated its introduction during 2 cycles in 5 fields grain-row crop rotation (winter wheat, lupine, potatoes, barley, annual grasses) on the organic carbon content and balance of nutrients in sandy soddy-podzolic soil have been revealed. Long-term field experiment of All-Russian Scientific-Research Institute for Organic Fertilizers and Peat (Vladim ...

SUBJECT: carbono; fertilite du sol; engrais npk; npk fertilizers; podzoluvisoles

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It is known that soya is cultivated not only for the crop yield, but also for improving soil fertility through biological nitrogen fixation. Field experiments were carried out in 2012-2014 in the field Tatarstan Republic, on heavy loamy grey forest soil. Effect of foliar application of liquid-fertilizing stimulating composition (JUSS-2) during the phase of plants budding formation on the nodul ...

SUBJECT: fijacion biologica del nitrogeno; fixation biologique de l'azote; rendement des cultures; biological nitrogen fixation; russian federation

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There was estimated the effect of Nitrogen fertilizer and bio-preparation Rhyzoagrin made on the basis of Agrobacterium radiobacter strain on the spring wheat grain yield. There have been carried out 6 experiments were conducted in 4 regions of the nonchernozem belt of Russia. Wheat was grown in the soddy-podzolic loamy sand soils in the process conventional in the regions using P60K60 and N60 ...

SUBJECT: triticum aestivum; nitrogen fertilizers; engrais pk; rendement des cultures; application rates

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In the context of the Bryansk (Russia) and Gomel (Republic of Belarus - RB) regions from 1994 to 2012 studied was the efficacy of mineral fertilizers in the rehabilitation of natural grassland on different tillage backgrounds to increase yield and reduce the ingress of Cs-137 from the soil into hay. Stationary experiments were conducted in 1994-2007 in the Gomel region (the Republic of Belarus ...

SUBJECT: sol pollue; innocuite des produits alimentaires; amelioration des paturages; abonos npk; heno

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