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SUBJECT: soils; propiedades fisico-quimicas; chemicophysical properties; processing; ion exchange

POSTED TO: Egyptian Journal of Soil Science (Egypt)

Journal Article

Journal article

Belarus Agricultural Library

In course of the research there were studied the advantages and expediency of different fertilizing-ameliorating materials of different genesis action based on the results of field experiments on primary cultivation of sandy desert soil in Egypt. The efficiency of different ameliorants use for rapid culturing desert soils with an improvement of morphological properties, increase of their produ ...

SUBJECT: soil chemicophysical properties; chemicophysical properties; salinité du sol; esfuerzo del suelo; contenido de agua en el suelo

POSTED TO: Почвоведение и агрохимия: научный журнал [0130-8475]

SUBJECT: nitrogen fertilizers; soil chemicophysical properties; sol alluvial; hierro; inundacion

SUBJECT: propriete organoleptique; leche fermentada; chemicophysical properties; organoleptic properties; egypt/ galactosidases

POSTED TO: Journal of Agricultural Research (Egypt)

SUBJECT: peroxyde; contenido de humedad; peroxidos; acidos grasos; storage

POSTED TO: Journal of Agricultural Research, Tanta Univ. (Egypt)

SUBJECT: ash content; contenido de ceniza; chemicophysical properties; egypt/ composition; rheological properties

POSTED TO: Egyptian Journal of Food Science (Egypt)

SUBJECT: chemicophysical properties; fromage; leche desnatada; propiedades fisico-quimicas; egipto/ leche de vaca

SUBJECT: aislamiento (tecnica); isolement; poder microbiano; isolation; virus de las plantas

POSTED TO: Egyptian Journal of Phytopathology (Egypt)

SUBJECT: propriété hydraulique du sol; carboximetilcelulosa; soil chemicophysical properties; sol sableux; agua del suelo

POSTED TO: Egyptian Journal of Soil Science (Egypt) [0302-6701]