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SUBJECT: suisse; technique de vente; brevetti; usa; mutanti

POSTED TO: Rivista di Frutticoltura e di Ortofloricoltura (Italy) [0016-2310]

SUBJECT: brasil/ cambio tecnologico; dezentralisierung; usa; technischer fortschritt; productividad

POSTED TO: Quarterly journal of international agriculture (Germany, F.R.) [0049-8599]

SUBJECT: allettamento; usa; caractere agronomique; rendement des cultures; brasil

POSTED TO: Maydica (Italy) [0025-6153]

SUBJECT: amerique du sud; world markets; usa; verbrauch; agypten

POSTED TO: Ernaehrungsdienst (Germany) [0014-0228]

SUBJECT: physiological races; usa; race physiologique; japan; patogenicidad

POSTED TO: Annali della Facolta' di Scienze Agrarie della Universita' degli Studi di Napoli Federico II - Portici (Italy) [0365-799X]


Written Paper

The World Bank

Utility managers, policy makers and advisors, that were participating in the Abidjan workshop held a special Round Table meeting to discuss the issues and challenges that confront them in the provision of WSS services to the poor. Some of the The Round Table conclusions are as follows. Part of the problem in serving low-income areas is the haphazard manner in which developments in some ...

SUBJECT: usa; brazil; irrigation; brazil (federal district); banks

Journal Article

Journal article

Library of Antonin Svehla

Biofuels: policies and impacts. A review

Janda, K., University of California et al. [aug2012]

This paper provides a general overview of the technological, social, environmental, economical, and policy considerations related to biofuels. While the biofuel production and consumption exhibited significant increase over the first decade of the new millennium, this and further increases in biofuel production are driven primarily by government policies. Currently available first generation b ...

SUBJECT: greenhouse gases; usa; biocarburant; brazil; prix

POSTED TO: Agricultural Economics - UZEI (Czech Republic) [0139-570X]

Les principaux echanges internationaux de volailles de chair (p 2-9). L' aviculture en Thailande (p 10-24). L' aviculture en Hongrie (p 25-33). L' aviculture au Bresil (p 34-46). L' aviculture aux Pays-Bas (p 47-71). L' aviculture aux Etats-Unis (p 72-88). L' aviculture en France (p 89-99).

SUBJECT: exportation; usa; brazil; avicultura; exports

SUBJECT: usa; brazil; preferencia de alimentos; grande bretagne; south africa

POSTED TO: Industries Alimentaires et Agricoles