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We investigated the changes in land use and NDVI in the Lipetsk region forthe period from 2001 to 2009 basingon remote sensing data of MODIS. It is established that the most significant reduction inareas is typical for young forests (areas where 5-10% of the area is occupied by trees with a height of not more than 5 m)that are passing into mature forest stage (land plots, 50-60% of the area of ...

SUBJECT: efficacite; ecosysteme; efficiency; utilizacion de la tierra; ecosistema

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The parameters of the biological and enzymatic activity of alluvial soils depending on the degree of hydromorphism and the type of land are determined. Alluvial marsh soils formed in the floodplain of the Kudma River in the territory of the Bogorodsky District of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, a significant part of which was drained in the 1960swith the drainage canal system, were studied. The bi ...

SUBJECT: biological activity in soil; sol alluvial; actividad enzimatica; suelo aluvial; materia organica del suelo

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The differences insoil(ordinary chernozems) nutrient contents subjected to different tillage methods were revealed. The studies were performed in the Rostov region throughout different seasons in soils under various field crops in 28 fields where zero tillage and direct sowing were applied during 8 years. We also explored the control fields of the neighboring farms where the conventional tilla ...

SUBJECT: fertilite du sol; cero-labranza; fertilidad del suelo; siembra directa; non-travail du sol

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The research was carried out in a farm situatedin the Voskresensky District of the Moscow Region in 2015-2017.Theaimis the development of adaptive industrial technology for potato cultivation on light-grey forest soils to obtain the big and high-quality yields. The growth processes of potatoes, its phytosanitary condition, and plant weight accumulation that responded well to agrotechnical meas ...

SUBJECT: potatoes; rendement des cultures; solanum tuberosum; crop yield; forest soils

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Estimation of mutagenic and antimutagenic properties of nanostructured phosphorus – component of complex fertilizer

Degtyareva, I.A., Tatarstan Research and Development Inst. of Agrochemistry and Soil Science et al. [2019]

Mutations are the first significant step in the carcinogenesis process, therefore, mutagenicity tests should be widely used to detect mutagens/carcinogens. The article presents the material on the estimation of the nanostructured phosphorite effectson the mutation process in the Salmonella typhimurium strains. In this study, strains S. typhimurium TA1535, TA1538 were used without metabolic act ...

SUBJECT: mutagenicity; rock phosphate; particle size; fosfato mineral; carcinogenos

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Autochthonous diazotrophic [Azotobacterchroococcum 5 V(e), Pseudomonas brassicacearum26W(b)] and phosphate-mobile [Achromobacterxylosoxidans 5 F(b), Sphingobacteriummiltivorum 6 F(b)] microorganisms with multifunctional positive properties were isolated from various soils of the Republic of Tatarstan. The binary associations and consortium are created based on the best of them taking into acco ...

SUBJECT: pesticide resistance; soil microorganisms; resistencia a los plaguicidas; micro-organisme du sol; russian federation

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In field experiments in the Moscow region in 2015-2017, the efficiency of phosphorus fertilizers for cultivation of the high productive spring barley variety Nur on differently cultivated soddy-podzolic loamy soils was studied. The following variants were compared: no fertilizer (control); N60K60 (background); as well as background + P30, P60, P90 and P120 were compared in a short-term experim ...

SUBJECT: profitability; sodic soils; aluminio; podzoles; rendement des cultures

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The regularities of change of fertility agrochemical indicators at different technologies of soil tillage are reviewed. Studies were conducted in the Moscow region in 2011 and 2013. The conventional technology and precision cultivation technology, as well as the minimum tillage and moldboard tillage methods were compared. It was established that both at plowing and at the minimum tillage, the ...

SUBJECT: labranza convencional; fertilite du sol; travail du sol conventionnel; fertilidad del suelo; russian federation

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Рассмотрены основные аспекты агроэкологической оценки почв в условиях урбоэкосистем на примере опытных участков Экологического стационара РГАУ-МСХА им. К.А. Тимирязева (г. Москва). Были определены: динамика агрохимических характеристик за 2017-2018 гг., а также их варьирование в пределах одного участка, выявлено влияние погодных факторов и различных систем питания на урожайность зерновых. В ре ...

SUBJECT: urban agriculture; agroecology; agricultura urbana; cultivos de grano; russian federation

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The results of evaluating the effectiveness of the application of various doses, combinations and ratios of mineral fertilizers and biological preparation Gumistim in the cultivation of winter wheat of Moskovskaya 39 have been conducted the research in the conditions of radioactive contamination of the territory and their influence on grain yield and quality are presented. The field experiment ...

SUBJECT: sodic soils; triticum aestivum; podzoles; rendement des cultures; abonos npk

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