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Esparcet in Perm region

Voloshin, V.А., Perm Research and Development Inst. of Agriculture [2013]

The adaptive potential of sandy esparcet (Onobrychis arenaria) compared with alfalfa was estimated in the conditions of the Perm Krai in 2011-2013. The study included five esparcet cultivars (Peschanyi 1251, Petushok, SIBNIIK 30, Mikhailovskii 5, Mikhailovskii 10) and alfalfa cultivar Sarga. A field experiment was carried out in a typical sod-podsolic loamy soil under normal humidity and in dr ...

SUBJECT: essai de variete; rendement des cultures; variete; adaptability; valeur nutritive

POSTED TO: Perm Agrarian Journal [2307-2873]

The aim of research is the assessment of oat varieties response to a change in ecological conditions in years and natural zones. The following data of the state variety testing were analyzed for the period of 2011-2017 in the four natural zones of the Perm Krai: northern (Kudymkar), central (Nytva), south-eastern (Berezovka), southern (Kueda). The objects of research were 9 varieties of oats ( ...

SUBJECT: essai de variete; variete; adaptability; russian federation; federation de russie

POSTED TO: Perm Agrarian Journal [2307-2873]

The role of red clover in mixed plantings with grasses is diverse: it improves their nitrogen nutrition, improves forage quality and soil fertility. In the Perm region Timothy is the most widely used cereal component in mixtures with clover. Breeders created new varieties of red clover such as Trio and Kudesnik, which combine ultraearliness, high winter hardiness and yield, enhanced resistance ...

SUBJECT: teneur en matiere seche; contenido de materia seca; cultivo mixto; sole cropping; rendement des cultures

POSTED TO: Ural Agrarian Bulletin [1997-4868]

Oil flax in the Middle Urals

Kolotov, А.P., Ural Research and Development Inst. of Agriculture et al. [2014]

For expansion of its acreage of flax in the Urals is the selection of varieties that are better adapted to the conditions of the region is required. For this purpose, we conducted environmental tests of seven linseed varieties during the field experiment in the Sverdlovsk region (2010-2012) and 4 varieties - at competitive strain testing in the Perm Krai (2011-2013). In the Sverdlovsk Region t ...

SUBJECT: essai de variete; linum usitatissimum; seed weight; rendement des cultures; variete

POSTED TO: Perm Agrarian Journal [2307-2873]

In 2012 in Perm region one factorial field experiment was laid on the typical for Cis-Ural region sod-podzol heavy loamy soil of middle improvement. In different variants of experiment on pure steam a winter rye, 2 grades of triticale or the same cultures in mix with vetch were cultivated. The agrotechnology standard for the Cis-Urals was applied. N60P69K60 was applied under one-specific crops ...

SUBJECT: fertilite du sol; vicia villosa; cultivo mixto; sole cropping; nitrogen

POSTED TO: Perm Agrarian Journal [2307-2873]

Scientific and practical experiments were carried out at one of the farms of the Perm Krai in 4 groups (12 heads in each group) of clinically healthy animals in a period of intense milking. A new prevention method for postpartum period diseases in cows in the period of intensive milking was developed with the use of bioinfusin and histogen. Since the 15-th days after calving daily for 7 days t ...

SUBJECT: retention placentaire; endometritis; disease prophylaxis; prophylaxie des maladies; puerperal disorders

POSTED TO: Perm Agrarian Journal [2307-2873]

Crop productivity and grain quality of spring wheat in dependence on application of mineral fertilizers

Kosolapova, A.I., Perm Research and Development Inst. of Agriculture et al. [2017]

An impact of mineral nutrition levels with N30P30K30-N150P150K150 kg of active ingredient (AI) per hectare (5 gradations) on forming crop productivity and grain quality of spring wheat of Gornouralskaya variety in a field experiment on turf-podzolic soil was studied in conditions of the Perm Krai in 2013-2915. Ammonium nitrate, superphopsphate, chloride potassium – applied during pre-sowing cu ...

SUBJECT: gluten; triticum aestivum; rendement des cultures; trigo harinero; cultivos de primavera

POSTED TO: Perm Agrarian Journal [2307-2873]

The legislative base for animal husbandry state support in the Perm Krai and the degree of implementing the existing funding programs were analyzed. Alternative state support lines for agricultural enterprises have been developed.The modern system of state support requires a review of the mechanism of distribution of subsidies. Existing standardized approach does not account for the specific c ...

SUBJECT: elevage; subsidios; ganaderia; omc; subvention

POSTED TO: Perm Agrarian Journal [2307-2873]

Studied was the influence of adding to the main diet a grass meal (GM) of maral root (Rhaponticum carthamoides) at the rate of 400 or 1000 g/head/day on the digestibility of nutrients and efficiency of the use of nitrogen in the diet of milking Black-and-White holsteinized dairy cows. The physiological experiment was carried out at one of the farms of the Perm Region for 3 groups of animals, 3 ...

SUBJECT: periodo de secado; vache laitiere; metabolismo del nitrogeno; nitrogen metabolism; vacas lecheras

POSTED TO: Perm Agrarian Journal [2307-2873]

The substantiation of optimization of cultivated areas ratio for grain crops in the Perm region in favor of higher-yielding crops, such as barley, oats, and winter cereal crops is given. The replacement of the prevailing varieties of any given crop adaptive varieties will allow no additional cost to increase in the gross grain harvest. Comparative studies for six years (2008-2013) showed that ...

SUBJECT: crop management; variety choice; choice of species; localisation des productions; eleccion de variedades

POSTED TO: Agrarian Russia [1999-5636]