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SUBJECT: ciencias forestales; commonwealth of nations; commonwealth; foresterie; comunidad de las naciones

SUBJECT: developing countries/ poverty; affectation de ressources; conception de projet; africa; asie

SUBJECT: guyane; india/ forestry development; inde/ developpement forestier; guyana; commonwealth of nations

SUBJECT: aide au developpement; development aid; tendencias; reino unido; united kingdom

POSTED TO: Discussion Paper - Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: resource management; politique sanitaire; medicament traditionnel; commonwealth of nations; health

SUBJECT: explotacion en pequena escala; development projects; commonwealth of nations; paises en desarrollo/ diseno de proyectos; projet de developpement

POSTED TO: Agricultural Systems (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: small farms; explotacion en pequena escala; desarrollo agricola; pays en developpement; developpement agricole

SUBJECT: structural policies; commonwealth of nations; commonwealth; femme; politica de estructuras