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SUBJECT: suisse; technique de vente; brevetti; usa; mutanti

POSTED TO: Rivista di Frutticoltura e di Ortofloricoltura (Italy) [0016-2310]

Berichtet wird uber die Erzeugung und Qualitat von Durumweizen in Kanada, USA, Turkei, Italien, Griechenland, Osterreich, Spanien, Frankreich und in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Die Durumweizenernte 1997 betrug in Kanada 4,35 Mio. t und in den USA 2,4 Mio. t. Die Erntemengen waren somit gegenuber 1996 etwas rucklaufig. In den USA wurde ein Proteinniveau von 16,2 % i.Tr. ermittelt. Innerhalb ...

SUBJECT: qualitat; ernte; usa; protein; osterreich

POSTED TO: Getreide Mehl und Brot (Germany) [0367-4177]

SUBJECT: ernte; world markets; exportation; usa; verbrauch

POSTED TO: Muehle + Mischfuttertechnik (Germany) [0027-2949]

Se analizan modelos típicos de producción de granos en Canadá, Estados Unidos, Alemania, Brasil y Argentina para una comparación mundial de competitividad de costos en producción de oleaginosas. Además, se examinan los costos de producción totales y parciales correspondientes a la tierra, los intereses del capital, gastos de estructura, de laboreo y otros costos directos, todos ellos relaciona ...

SUBJECT: profitability; usa; tierras agricolas; brazil; seed

POSTED TO: Revista Argentina de Economía Agraria (Argentina) [0327-3318]

SUBJECT: saudi arabia; world markets; usa; japan; germany

POSTED TO: Informe EXPORTAR (Argentina)

One of the most prominent effects of GATT and WTO negotiations is the globalization of the dairy industry all over the world. However, it is not only the movement of goods across the borders that has increased in recent years, but also the activity of dairy companies outside their home country. Whether this takes the form of transfer of know-how, joint venture or direct financial involvement i ...

SUBJECT: world markets; usa; industria lechera; germany; poland

POSTED TO: Bulletin of the International Dairy Federation ISSN 0250-5118

The papers examine what "going organic" means - how "organic" is achieved and systems of certification, approval and labelling. The implications for dairy farm operation and agricultural practice are considered, as well as the cost involved in going organic, the effects on productivity and veterinary practice and the transition from conventional to organic production. Milk producers' objective ...

SUBJECT: usa; terapeutica medicamentosa; health foods; animal welfare; residues

POSTED TO: Bulletin of the International Dairy Federation ISSN 0250-5118

Journal Article

Journal article

Library of Antonin Svehla

Paratuberculosis is diagnosed in wild ruminants from the wild and game parks sporadically. However in deer farms and in the zoological gardens this disease seems to be a serious problem around the world. Infection caused by M. avium subsp. paratuberculosis (M. paratuberculosis) is difficult to reveal so as to eliminate it from infected farm because of the frequent subclinical presentation of t ...

SUBJECT: tuberculine; tuberculina; rabbits; symptome; control de enfermedades

POSTED TO: Veterinarstvi (Czech Republic) [0506-8231]

Journal Article

Journal article

Library of Antonin Svehla

The relation between ruminant nutrition and BSE is discussed and an "ammonia-magnesium" theory is proposed. According to this theory the abnormal behaviour and CNS malfunction is a consequence of hyperammonemia and hypomagnesemia.

SUBJECT: consommation alimentaire; animal nutrition; slovak republic; symptome; poland

POSTED TO: Vyzkum v Chovu Skotu (Czech Republic) [0139-7265]

SUBJECT: usa; forstliches vermehrungsgut kategorisierung; seed; pflanzgut; germany

POSTED TO: Holzzucht (Germany, F.R.)