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SUBJECT: bosnia and herzegovina; bosnia-hercegovina; scorpiones; bosnie-herzegovine; bosnia y herzegovina

POSTED TO: Bulletin of the British Arachnological Society (United Kingdom)

Gender and migration

Sweetman, C. [1998]

SUBJECT: empleo; bosnia-hercegovina; bosnie-herzegovine; role of women; bosnia y herzegovina

SUBJECT: bosnia and herzegovina; bosnia-hercegovina; bosnie-herzegovine; mankind; bosnia y herzegovina

POSTED TO: Disasters (United Kingdom)

In the valley of the Neretva river the use of pesticides is widespread and occasionally uncontrolled. In view of the resulting ecological and health problems, ultrasonic solvent extraction (USE) followed by thin-layer chromatography (TLC) was applied in order to quantify the pesticides present in the soil. Quantification was performed by means of a 3 Charge Coupled Device (CCD) color video cam ...

SUBJECT: bosnia-erzegovina; cromatografia de capa fina; bosnia y herzegovina; cromatografia su strato sottile; chromatographie en couche mince

POSTED TO: Agrochimica (Italy) [0002-1857]

Tissue-imprint hybridization (TIH) assays were used to determine the occurrence and incidence of Peach latent mosaic viroid (PLMVd) and Hop stunt viroid (HSVd) in stone fruit trees in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our collections included trees of plum, peach, cherries, apricot, myrobalan and blackthorn from 33 commercial orchards and 2 nurseries, in the areas of Banja Luka, Gradacac, Sarajevo and M ...

SUBJECT: prunus armónica; bosnia-erzegovina; virus des végétaux; prunus avium; infection

POSTED TO: Phytopathologia Mediterranea (Italy) [0031-9465]

Xiphinema parasimile, a new putative X. americanum group species is described from Serbia. X. parasimile sp. n. is a monosexual didelphic species with four juvenile stages and it is characterized by body length of ca. 2 mm, lip region set off from body profile, odontostyle length of ca. 70 micronm, about 55% V and conical, dorsally convex, ventrally almost straight or slightly concave, tail wi ...

SUBJECT: new species; forest trees; bosnia-erzegovina; bosnie-herzegovine; identificazione

POSTED TO: Nematologia Mediterranea (Italy) [0391-9749]

SUBJECT: equipment performance; bosnia y herzegovina; molinos; caractéristique du matériel; trigo

POSTED TO: Tecnica Molitoria (Italy) [0040-1862]

The article represents the continuation of the one which was published in the issue n.5-1998, with the title of Realta' forestale in Bosnia Erzegovina - La situazione prima del conflitto (Forestry sector in Bosnia Erzegovina - The situation before the war). By providing the few data which are actually available, the AA intend to describe the aspects of the forestry sector which have been more ...

SUBJECT: damage; bosnie-herzegovine; developpement forestier; protection de la foret; bosnia y herzegovina

POSTED TO: Monti e Boschi (Italy) [0390-6736]

Xiphinema densispinatum sp.n. is described from specimens collected from the rhizosphere of unknown plants in an old abandoned peach orchard near Laktasi, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The species is characterized by body length of 4.4 mm, rounded lip region, offset from the rest of the body by a shallow constriction, odontostyle length of ca 170 micronm, vulva at mid-body, equally developed female ...

SUBJECT: bosnie-herzegovine; bosnia y herzegovina; species; identificazione; taxonomy

POSTED TO: Nematologia Mediterranea (Italy) [0391-9749]

This article describes the situation of the forestry sector within the territories of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina before the recent conflict, providing quite a complete picture of the different aspects. Starting by describing the geography of the Country, the AA give an overview on the major silviculture techniques and wood-working technologies, which have been used in BH until 1991. So ...

SUBJECT: prodotti forestali; bosnie-herzegovine; regime sylvicole; bosnia y herzegovina; produit forestier

POSTED TO: Monti e Boschi (Italy) [0390-6736]