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Journal article

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Data characterising the transformation of economy occurring in the Czech Republic and some other Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) between the years 1990-2000 were summarized and compared with those of the European Union members, the United States and Japan. The coefficients of transformation output and the relative specialisation ratios for high-technology commodities and high-val ...

SUBJECT: exportation; usa; efficacité; japan; productos agrícolas

POSTED TO: Agricultural Economics - UZPI (Czech Republic) [0139-570X]

The paper presented the profile of Philippines agriculture particularly for selected crops such as mango, banana, pineapple and onion. The performance of the country in its major export markets such as Hongkong, Japan, Singapore, United States of America, Canada and Germany, as well as its competitive advantage were discussed. The agribusiness framework that provides the market orientation str ...

SUBJECT: exportation; usa; oignon; japan; mercadeo

SUBJECT: pays en developpement; politica de inversion; inversiones extranjeras; private investment; intervencion estatal

SUBJECT: planificacion; modelos; modele; asistencia tecnica; incentives

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SUBJECT: cooperacion internacional; cooperation internationale; eua; industrialisation; protection de l'environnement

SUBJECT: importaciones; ressource forestiere; exportaciones; hardwood; comercio internacional

SUBJECT: canada; servicios de informacion; croissance economique; cycle economique; indicateur economique