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SUBJECT: gaspillage; equipement; propriete mecanique; propiedades fisico-quimicas; fishing gear

POSTED TO: Bulletin of National Research Institute of Fisheries Engineering (Japan) [0388-9781]

SUBJECT: forest trees; propiedades fisico-quimicas; madera de frondosas; chemicophysical properties; propriete mecanique

POSTED TO: Bulletin of the Kagoshima University Forests (Japan) [0389-9454]

SUBJECT: proteinas; physical states; propiedades fisico-quimicas; proteinas sanguineas; chemicophysical properties

POSTED TO: Journal of the Agricultural Chemical Society of Japan (Japan) [0002-1407]

Journal Article

Journal article

Belarus Agricultural Library

The results of routing studies on arable land in the soil-ecological areas where the soil cover was represented by different groups of parent rocks were presented. The research was realized in the conditions of the Republic of Belarus. As a result of research there was revealed that the physical soil properties of Belarusian Poozere was largely determined by the genesis of soil-forming rocks, ...

SUBJECT: soil chemicophysical properties; belarus; âge du sol; soil types; chemicophysical properties

POSTED TO: Почвоведение и агрохимия: научный журнал [0130-8475]

SUBJECT: biological properties; chemicophysical properties; quality controls; biological properties; choice of species

SUBJECT: thermal properties; chemicophysical properties; amylose; storage; oryza sativa

SUBJECT: manihot esculenta; crop yields; soil chemicophysical properties; tiller production; chemicophysical properties

POSTED TO: Witthayasan Kasetsart (Sakha Witthayasat) [0075-5192]


Cassava pulp samples from five cassava starch manufacturing plants (2 plants from the east and 3 plants from the northeast) were determined for the physical, chemical, and biological properties. The results showed the average density value and percentage of sand contaminated in cassava pulp samples were 347 g/L and 2.16 percent in which the coefficient of variation (percent CV) were 9.35 and 4 ...

SUBJECT: biological properties; swine; chemicophysical properties; biological properties; chemicophysical properties

SUBJECT: biodegradable renewable resource; wastes; chemicophysical properties; fibres; green composites

POSTED TO: Warasan Songkhla Nakharin (Chabap Witthayasat Lae Technology) [0125-3395]

SUBJECT: propiedades fisico-quimicas; productos de origen animal; chemicophysical properties; viande; propiedades fisico-quimicas

POSTED TO: Bulletin of National Institute of Animal Industry (Japan) [0077-488X]