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SUBJECT: synthetic dye; marigolds; hepatic tissue; tagetes spp; natural dye

SUBJECT: silk; silk; delonix regia; dyes; fibres

SUBJECT: eucalyptus labill; silk; silk; dyes; leaves

The book discusses the distribution of Ghanaian forests and the efforts made to conserve it. It also talks about the uses of trees and herbaceous plants, many of which have a wide distribution in Africa far beyound the frontiers of Ghana. The text is conveniently divided into subjects such as food, fuel, medicine and weeds. The plants are listed in their scientific names and Ghanaian vernacula ...

SUBJECT: planta ornamenta; vegetables; dye plants; spice plants; forest products

POSTED TO: 337pp.

SUBJECT: colorfastness; poinciana; colour; yellow poinciana; natural dye


SUBJECT: silk; silk; dyes; eri silk; development of natural dye

SUBJECT: natural indigo dye; strobilanthes cusia; wisdoms conservation; textiles; acanthaceae

POSTED TO: Warasan Kanchatkan Pamai [1906-022X]