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A set of 28 advanced alien introgression lines (AILs) derived from crosses of rice (Oryza sativa L.) and five wild species was evaluated for resistance to different races of bacterial blight (BB) prevalent in the Philippines. Wild species showed broad spectrum resistance to ten races of BB of the Philippines, however, derived AILs showed introgression for resistance to only a few races. SSR an ...

SUBJECT: polymorphisme genetique; marcadores geneticos; oryza sativa; genes; gene

SUBJECT: composting; oryza sativa; organic agriculture; agroindustrial sector; agriculture biologique

POSTED TO: Agriculture (Philippines) [0118-8571]

SUBJECT: composting; oryza sativa; brassica oleracea botrytis; organic agriculture; agriculture biologique

POSTED TO: Agriculture (Philippines) [0118-8571]

Making and using 'vermi tea'

Guerrero, R.D. III [mar2013]

SUBJECT: nicotiana tabacum; composting; lycopersicon esculentum; oryza sativa; fragaria

POSTED TO: Agriculture (Philippines) [0118-8577]

SUBJECT: oryza sativa; productivité; ananas comosus; compost; citrus mitis

POSTED TO: Agriculture (Philippines) [0118-8577]

SUBJECT: composting; profitability; community development; daucus carota; oryza sativa

SUBJECT: dosis; sogatella; sogatella furcifera; oryza sativa; insecticidas de origen vegetal