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The Institute of Education and Home Economics of the Faculty of Engineering, Latvia University of Agriculture organizes annual international scientific conferences Rural Environment. Education. Personality (REEP - 2017). One hundred and thirty - eight authors and co-authors of the articles are from 9 countries - Czech Republic, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Turkey, UK ...

SUBJECT: education; labour market; rural environment; poland; economia del hogar

POSTED TO: Rural Environment. Education. Personality. (REEP). Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference (Latvia) [2255-808X]


The research on environment protection knowledge and competencies in non-formal education

Jurksaitiene, N., Kauno kolegia/University of Applied Sciences et al. [2013]

In Lithuania, as well as all over the world in developed countries, the society is starting to become a new kind of the information society. Under modern conditions it is increased the role of educated personality, personality capable of not only absorb the previously accumulated knowledge, but also to summarize, analyze, develop new and innovative ideas, information technologies, services and ...

SUBJECT: ecologie; investigacion; protection de l'environnement; education; letonia

POSTED TO: starptautiskās zinātniski praktiskās konferences materiāli [1691-5402]


Offer and opportunities of logistics education in Latvia

Radzele-Sulce, A., Latvia Univ. of Agriculture [2008]

The goal of the research was to evaluate the opportunities in preparation of logistics specialists offered by Latvian universities and to formulate problem solutions. To achieve the goal, study programmes and course syllabuses offered by Latvian universities and colleges were analysed from the logistics perspective. Opportunities to acquire logistics knowledge offered in Latvia by distance, in ...

SUBJECT: investigacion; logistics; education; letonia; distance education

POSTED TO: Research for Rural Development. International Scientific Conference Proceedings (Latvia) [1691-4031]

The knowledge gained secondary, professional and higher education are not enough to achieve economic and social boundaries. Economic competition, changes in qualifications requirements needed for values make adjustment and changing circumstances of little efficiency. Unless there is no unified concept of co-operation based or continuing education, neither humanitarian nor exact science will be ...

SUBJECT: economic competition; education; capacitacion; letonia; economic situation

The scope of scientific conference includes the following topics: The importance of literature in values actualization. Pedagogical competence in healthcare sector in cosmetology. Sign language interpreter`s educational and employment opportunities in Latvia. Characteristics of aggressive behaviour of adolescents. Pregnant women parental education attendance motivation restraining factors. Rea ...

SUBJECT: education; personne handicapee; conference; letonia; suecia


SUBJECT: education; enseignement; letonia; ensenanza; ensenanza superior

POSTED TO: Rural Environment. Education. Personality. (REEP). Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference (Latvia) [2255-8071]


A learning region is a region that develops on the education of people who live and work there. The needs based on their identity and maintenance are identified and defined to develop their competitive opportunities by investment in increasing of social capital. The principle of continuous teaching is realized in region, because development of human resources is the part of development strateg ...

SUBJECT: investigacion; education; letonia; trabajo; learning


Promoting sustainable agriculture that respond to the challenges of mitigating and adapting to climate change, which contributes to reducing poverty, exclusion and hunger, demand a new professional of agricultural engineering and rural development, with a new professional profile, values, skills, attitudes and capacities to promote changes that rural society demand. Based on analysing the rura ...

SUBJECT: investigacion; education; letonia; educacion agraria; ensenanza superior

POSTED TO: Rural Environment. Education. Personality. (REEP). Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference (Latvia) [2255-808X]


Teaching practice as the part of finals of bachelor students

Kriz, E., Czech Univ. of Life Sciences [2009]

The paper submits way outs of incorporation of pedagogical practice in relation with opportunities and requirements of curricular changes of teacher training programmes in the concrete university in Czech Republic. The Institute of Education and Communication of the Czech University of Life Sciences (IEC) provides among others systematic education of workers of secondary schools and training c ...

SUBJECT: investigacion; republica checa; apprentissageapprentissage; education; letonia

Recent great achievements of biology - complete sequencing of genomes of several organisms gave us huge amount of knowledge about biomolecules. Implementation of new achievements was very promising. Still there exist uncured diseases and unsolved items in different bioeconomy branches. Systems Biology (SB) is a science that discovers the principles underlying the emergence of the functional pr ...

SUBJECT: investigacion; biology; education; enseignement; letonia