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Journal Article

Journal article

Library of Antonin Svehla

The relation between ruminant nutrition and BSE is discussed and an "ammonia-magnesium" theory is proposed. According to this theory the abnormal behaviour and CNS malfunction is a consequence of hyperammonemia and hypomagnesemia.

SUBJECT: consommation alimentaire; animal nutrition; slovak republic; symptome; poland

POSTED TO: Vyzkum v Chovu Skotu (Czech Republic) [0139-7265]

SUBJECT: japan; rendement en viande; south africa; sire evaluation; razas mixtas

POSTED TO: Bulletin - International Bull Evaluation Service (Sweden) [1011-6079]

SUBJECT: suisse; wastes; italie; italia; estonia

POSTED TO: European Papermaker (Sweden)


Written Paper

Library of Antonin Svehla

This review summarises data from the literature and experimental tests on weed resistance to herbicides. Factors conditioning the origin of resistance are described. The origin of resistant weeds to nine active ingredients with a different mode of action is presented chronologically, and the distribution of resistant weeds around the world outlined. The fundamental modes of action, i.e. reduct ...

SUBJECT: pesticide resistance; pendimethalin; apera spica venti; mutants; amidas

POSTED TO: Plant Protection Science - UZPI (Czech Republic) [1212-2580]


SUBJECT: irlanda del norte; agriculture biologique; politique agricole; belgium; espagne