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SUBJECT: usa; farm structure; reino unido; agrarlaender; germany

POSTED TO: Archiv der DLG (Germany) [0178-0867]

SUBJECT: usa; belgique; ganadería; natural disasters; production data

POSTED TO: Rivista di Suinicoltura (Italy) [0035-662X]

SUBJECT: investigacion; profitability; usa; reino unido; belgique

[Agriculture and environment. Community approach and foreign experiences]. [French]

Assemblee Permanente des Chambres d' Agriculture, Paris [1991]

SUBJECT: usa; reino unido; control de la contaminacion; proteccion ambiental; germany

POSTED TO: Chambres d' Agriculture (France). no. 785. [0396-7883]

SUBJECT: usa; wastes; reino unido; suecia; belgique

SUBJECT: usa; protection de l'environnement; reino unido; control de la contaminacion; germany

POSTED TO: Chambres d'Agriculture (France) [0396-7883]