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Bacterial infections on farms affected by PRRS

Angelova. A., National Veterinary Servise and National Diagnostic and Research Veterinary Medical Institute [2009]

SUBJECT: bacteriosis; patogenesis; bacterioses; infectious diseases; maladie infectieuse

SUBJECT: tomate; orobanche ramosa; resistance aux maladies; enfermedades de las plantas; mutacion

SUBJECT: animal doméstico; peso; curva de crescimento; regressão linear

The objective of this study was firstly to investigate and understand sorption properties of earlywood, latewood, annual rings and gross wood. Secondly, to develop a heterogeneous sorption model for earlywood, latewood and annual rings by taking into consideration unified complex interactions of anatomy, chemical composition and thermodynamic parameters. Thirdly, to upscale the annual ring lev ...

SUBJECT: pollinisation artificielle; precipitation artificielle; madera; artificial precipitation; artificial pollination

A study was conducted at the Allaidege rangeland of zone three of Afar Regional State to assess rangeland degradation, its effect on soil depth on the soil seed bank flora and implication on carbon sequestration. Good, fair, poor and enclosed range sites were selected in order to assess parameters such as range condition scores, species richness, density, composition, diversity and evenness on ...

SUBJECT: carbono; stock semencier du sol; degradacion; carbon; banco de semillas del suelo

Artemisinin, a sesquiterpene lactone endoperoxide compound derived from Artemisia annua L., is highly effective against multi-drug resistant Plasmodium spp. Enhancement of artemisinin content in plant parts produced from different culturing systems was investigated by using plant bioregulator in order to provide other alternative sources of artemisinin production besides the field grown plants ...

SUBJECT: transplanting; biosynthese de l'uree; acide gibberellique; repiquage; uree

Since research findings often do not have direct or immediate relevance to farmers, extension workers are often called upon to develop ways to communicate and disseminate these findings to farmers. Two of the main problems limiting the effective communication and rapid dissemination of agricultural technologies are the content and the language. Evidence suggests that the importance and impact ...

SUBJECT: technologie; servicios de informacion; agricultores; technique de communication; agriculteur

A field experiment was conducted at Wondo Genet Agricultural Research Center from March, 2009 to December, 2009 to examine the effects of plant population desity and harvesting age on leaf, essential oil and artemisinin yield of Artemisia annua. The experiment consisted of factorial combinations of four harvesting ages (four, five, six and seven months after transplanting) and five evels of pl ...

SUBJECT: plante a huiles essentielles; densite de population; essential oil crops; feuille; population vegetale

Response of Cassava (Manihot esculenta crantz) genotypes to soil Moisture Status.

Henok Yemanebirhan Weldeselassie [jimmauniversitycollegeofagriculture]

Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) is a tropical woody shrub. The crop is drought tolerant with a great genetic variability among the genotypes for the trait. However, growth and yield responses of cassava genotypes under drought stress and the mechanism of tolerance have not been well studied and documented. Therefore, the experiment was conducted to identify cassava genotypes tolerant to moi ...

SUBJECT: manihot esculenta; genotypes; manioc; soil; mandioca

The aim of the work is to explore the properties and composition of humic acids isolated from raised bog peat prospective for industrial use, and the factors that influence their properties and composition. The tasks of the thesis: 1. to collect peat samples from different bogs, study their properties, humification of peat and factors influencing it; 2. to explore the extraction process of hum ...

SUBJECT: investigacion; acido humico; letonia; chemicophysical properties; turba