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Studies on seepage and percolation in field conditions was started recently. Since water is the most limiting factor for winter crop cultivation and specially for Boro rice cultivation in Bangladesh such study on estimating seepage and percolation (S and P) rates for lowland rice cultivation and its influence over requirement has been considered. In field experiments, four selected locations w ...

POSTED TO: Bangladesh Journal of Agriculture

Microbial mineralization of organic phophate, nitrogen and carbon was relatively better in non-sterile soil than that of sterile soil with isolated pure culture. Maximum mineralization was found by mixed cultures. Individually Bacillus species was found to have mineralized maximum amount of these three constituents. There is a close relationship between the mineralization of organic phosphate, ...

SUBJECT: carbono; type de sol mineralogique; compose organophosphore; nitrogen; compuesto organico del fosforo

POSTED TO: Dhaka University Studies

The chemical composition of soil and aquatic plants in Shatt al-Arab was studied. Organic carbon and sodium content of the soil showed obvious variation. Total nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sodium of analysed plants showed slight variation, while biochemical constituents varied considerably. A positive correlation was found between some chemical composition of plant and soil.

SUBJECT: irak; soil chemicophysical properties; propriete physico chimique du sol; plantas acuaticas; iraq

POSTED TO: Bangladesh Journal of Botany

The investigation was made in a freshwater pond during March 1984 to February 1989. The influence of several physicochemical factors on the growth of periphytic algae was observed. Correlation coefficient (r) showed that temperature (r=-0.87, P<0.01), bicarbonate alkalinity (r=0.77, P<0.01), pH (r=0.79, P<0.01) and silicate (r=0.71, P<0.05) have significant correlation with the periphytic alga ...

SUBJECT: ponds; limnologia; crecimiento; biota; limnology

In the present investigation an attempt has been made to replace the conventional ingredients in pelletic fish feed with dried aquatic macrophytes and to assess the influence of the formulated diets on the growth performance, feed conversion and muscle composition of the carp, Labeo rohita (Ham.). Four experimental diets with dried Lemna polyrhiza, Hydrilla verticillata, Pistia stratiotes and ...

SUBJECT: alimentacion de peces; fish feeding; feed supplements; labeo; alimentation des poissons

It has been found that occurrence of Gracilaria verrucosa in the estuarine habitat of Chilka lake corresponds to specific physico-chemical features. Generally the seaweed occurs where (1) water temperature is between 22-26 deg.C, (2) salinity is above 12%, (3) circulation of water is sufficient to prevent siltation but not sweep the plants away, and (4) substratum is firm, preferably a sand mu ...

SUBJECT: estuarios; salinity; temperature ambiante; temperatura ambiente; laguna costera

Three rhizobia strains from groundnut (GN), chickpea (CP) and soybean (SB) were maintained in peat media. Eight treatments constituted of 2 cowpea varieties and 3 rhizobial strains (GN, CP and SB) with a control (non-inoculated). Control plants were supplied with 18 ppm N-containing nutrient solution, whereas inoculated plants were supplied with nutrient solution (without N) every day. Nodulat ...

SUBJECT: cromatografia de gases; formation de nodosites; cicer arietinum; soil; vigna unguiculata

SUBJECT: investigacion; releve des donnees; ciencias forestales; surveying; procedimiento de la encuesta

SUBJECT: pate de fibres; anthraquinone; pulpa fibrosa; yute; fibre pulp

POSTED TO: Bano Biggyan Patrika [0254-4539]

The focus of the present research was to study the potential of and constraints to dairy development for four categories (indigenous, urban, semi-urban and buffaloes) of milch animals in four selected areas in Mymensingh district. With that end in view, empirical data were collected from four areas by employing direct interview methods. Farmers keeping hybrid or cross-bred cows obtained higher ...

SUBJECT: datos de produccion; cows; leche; milk; production data

POSTED TO: Bangladesh Journal of Animal Science [0003-3588]