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SUBJECT: huespedes; triticum aestivum; actividad enzimatica; hosts; carboxylesterase

POSTED TO: Jiangsu Nongye Yanjiu (China) [1000-2049]

SUBJECT: china; economia de la produccion; production economics; comparative advantage; chine

POSTED TO: Nanjing Nongye Daxue Xuebao (China) [1000-2030]

SUBJECT: coton; compuesto volatil; plante; taxis; compose volatil

POSTED TO: Jiangxi Nongye Xuebao (China) [1001-8581]

The calmodulin (CaM) level in wheat seedlings was found to increase remarkably during heat shock at 34 degrees centigrade in the presence of Ca2+, reaching its maximum after 90 min of heat shock. The Ca2+ chelator EGTA prevented CaM accumulation at 34 degrees centigrade (Fig. 1). Pretreatment of wheat seeds with EGTA or CaM antagonist CPZ, TFP decreased the synthesis of heat shock proteins in ...

SUBJECT: heat; triticum aestivum; cations; calcio; calcium

POSTED TO: ZhIwu ShEngli Xuebao (China) [0257-4829]

SUBJECT: toxicity; pieris rapae; plant extracts; drug plants; extractos vegetales

POSTED TO: Anhui Nongye Daxue Xuebao (China) [1000-2197]

SUBJECT: potassium; engrais organique; fertilite du sol; nitrogen; degradacion del suelo

POSTED TO: Turang (China) [0253-9829]

SUBJECT: biotecnologia animal; genes; porcin; gene; animal biotechnology

POSTED TO: Xumu yu Shouyi (China) [0529-5130]

SUBJECT: optical properties; drought stress; propriete optique; fv/fm; propiedades opticas

POSTED TO: Zhiwu Shenglixue Tongxun (China) [0412-0922]

The spatial and temporal regulation of the bar gene in the transgenic oat T3 progeny was analysed using Northern blot and phosphinothricin acetytransferase (PAT) enzyme assay. No difference in mRNA level was detected in the different leaves (Fig. 5) and different stages of plant development (Fig. 3), treated or untreated with 0.20% commercial herbicide Challenge (Glufosinate ammonium 150g/L). ...

SUBJECT: transgenic plants; plante transgenique; feuille; expresion genica; act1 promotor

POSTED TO: Zhiwu Shengli Xuebao (China) [0257-4829]

SUBJECT: oxidative stress; oryza sativa; methyl viologen; rubisco; biodegradation

POSTED TO: Zhiwu Shengli Xuebao (China) [0257-4829]