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SUBJECT: germinability; semilla; quality controls; seeds; estonie

POSTED TO: Forestry research

A survey about the occurrence of horse diseases in Tori horse stud in the course of last 60 years has been presented.

SUBJECT: enfermedades parasitarias; enfermedades infecciosas; therapy; infectious diseases; terapia

POSTED TO: Estonian Veterinary Review [1024-2600]

The present paper gives the results of a trial carried out in Eerika cowshed near Tartu. The aim of the trial was to study the possibility of loose housing of dairy cattle in cowshed with cubicles. No damage of hide or injuries occurred among trial cows besides small scratches. The younger cows were more active than older ones. Their behaviour with each other was rather good. Trial cows showed ...

SUBJECT: etable; aptitud al ordeno; milkability; vache laitiere; vacas lecheras

POSTED TO: Proceedings of Institute of Animal Husbandry of Estonian Agricultural University

In a warmer and drier summer cereal grasses develop rapidly. It appears that the amino acid composition indicates the more rapid development even within a single developmental stage (start- full heading stage).

SUBJECT: teneur en matiere seche; contenido de materia seca; aminoacidos; amino acids; rendement des cultures

POSTED TO: Proceedings of Estonian Agricultural University

SUBJECT: datos de produccion; germinability; abonos nk; seed; engrais nk

POSTED TO: Forestry research

SUBJECT: production vegetale; conos; plant production; fertilizers; semencier

POSTED TO: Forestry research

SUBJECT: engrais organomineral; foret resineuse; bosque de coniferas; aplicacion de abonos; pinus

POSTED TO: Forestry research

At present collective farms are divided into many new small production units. Many small farms are formed in the countryside too. Now we need good reorganization of electrical maintenance system in old big farm. We must determine how intensively are used electrical equipments in new production units and how they are exploited. Accordingly it is necessary to determine the recommended frequency ...

SUBJECT: consommation d' energie; exploitation agricole; estonie; mantenimiento; raciones

POSTED TO: Transactions of Estonian Agricultural University

Isendiareng ja veterinaarpataloogia.

Simovart J. et al. [1991]

SUBJECT: genetica; pathology; estonie; genetique; developpement biologique

SUBJECT: toxoplasmose; furs; equinococosis; enfermedades parasitarias; echinococcosis