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The Asian yews have been the subject of intense interest over the last two decades. Their value as a source of raw material for the production of the anti-cancer drug Taxol has meant that they have been intensively exploited throughout most parts of their range and this has led to increasing concern about their conservation. Uncertainty about the taxonomy and distribution of the taxa involved ...

SUBJECT: 红豆杉属; طقسوس; taxus

POSTED TO: Spanish Journal of Rural Development [2171-1216]

The present study was carried out to investigate the effect of different thermal treatments on the composition and chemical properties of camel's milk .The rennet clotting time of camel's milk was also investigated. Camel milk samples were thermal treated at 63, 80, 90oC for 30 min and 72 oC for 15 sec., whereas raw milk sample was served as a control. We found that the fat content was not aff ...

SUBJECT: تكوين كيميائي; 属性; propriété; معالجة حرارية; composición quimica

POSTED TO: Spanish Journal of Rural Development [2171-1216]

In all productive sectors, commuting (“in itinere”) accidents involve a high cost for the society both economically and of human lives. Owing to the importance of agriculture in Galicia, was decided to develop this study from commuting sick leave reports provided by the Health and Safety Galician Institute (ISSGA) and from official statistics of the Employment and Immigration Department (MTIN) ...

SUBJECT: trabajadores agrícolas; قطاع زراعي; accidentes de trabajo; 劳动意外; agricultural sector

POSTED TO: Spanish Journal of Rural Development [2171-1216]


This paper identifies the actors and explains, through a socio-economic point of view, the processes generated by the Payment for Environmental Hydrological Services Program of the State of Mexico which was established as an environmental policy to guarantee the water supply to the population, through the payment of environmental services to landowners and forest holders. The positive aspects ...

SUBJECT: gestion de l'environnement; mexico; méxico; 墨西哥; mexique

POSTED TO: Spanish Journal of Rural Development [2171-1216]

Almería, Lan of wines?

Uribe, J. et al. [2012]

Andalusia has a large wine culture after a millenarian tradition of grape growing and winemaking, focused towards producing quality wines. There is a wide variety of wines in Andalusia, classified according to their characteristics, well within table wines enhance local wines, that acquire certain quality level of protection intermediate between the common wine and quality wines produced in a ...

SUBJECT: prix; خمور; 价格; precios; 品质

POSTED TO: Spanish Journal of Rural Development [2171-1216]

The plant-microorganism association is considered very promising for phytoremediation of soils. Rhizobium bacteria are able to associatesymbiotically with the roots of legumes and provide them with organic nitrógeno, a very interesting feature in the contexto f agricultural sustainability. Furthermore, this interaction allows the adaptation of many species of legumes to impoverished soils, sal ...

SUBJECT: 根瘤菌属; rhizobium

POSTED TO: Spanish Journal of Rural Development [2171-1216]

Analysis of natural rubber in the world

Pulido-Sierra, S.I. et al. [2012]

The aim of this paper is to describe the situation in the sector of natural rubber in the world, analyzing the planted areas, dynamics of production and consumption as well as some factors that impact the supply. Despite its South American origin, the largest areas of plantations of rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis Müell. Arg), and higher yields are concentrated in Asia. Several Asian countrie ...

SUBJECT: plantación; natural rubber; 橡胶树; غرس; plantation

POSTED TO: Spanish Journal of Rural Development [2171-1216]

All the releves with Taxus baccata from the northwest phytosociological Spanish database were selected, using the database Iberian and Macaronesian Vegetation Information System (SIVIM). Eight environmental variables associated with them were studied in order to establish the European yew habitat preferences. Multivariate analyses were carried out: the dissimilarity analysis between species co ...

SUBJECT: 欧洲红豆杉; طقسوس عادي; taxus baccata

POSTED TO: Spanish Journal of Rural Development [2171-1216]

This study presents an assessment of the electric energy’s cost in a dairy farm with forty heads of cattle when it is supplied by the grid with wind energy sources. In order to consider the optimal system configuration of wind energy or non-wind energy system, the HOMER program (version 2.68 beta) is used. The possibility of selling electric energy’s excess generated by small wind turbines of ...

SUBJECT: 乳用品种母牛; 电能; vacas lecheras; énergie éolienne; طاقة كهربائية

POSTED TO: Spanish Journal of Rural Development [2171-1216]

The best yewwoods of the Iberian Peninsula are within the autonomous community of Castilla y León, on the southern of the Cantabrian Mountains in the provinces of Zamora, León, Palencia and Burgos. However, these yewwoods are threatened woodlands that occupying very small extensions, appearing as a botanical relics in the region. Recent publication of Decree 63/2007 of 14 June, by the Junta de ...

SUBJECT: yews; tejo; cartographie; cartografía; 绘图法

POSTED TO: Spanish Journal of Rural Development [2171-1216]