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SUBJECT: porcin; carne de cerdo; viande porcine; hibridos; hybrids

POSTED TO: Pig News and Information

SUBJECT: verrat; androgens; viande porcine; verraco; pork

POSTED TO: Pig News and Information

SUBJECT: swine; conduite d' elevage; porcin; livestock management; cerdo

POSTED TO: Pig Journal

SUBJECT: foot diseases; heat stress; affection podale; stress thermique; caballos

SUBJECT: anguilla genero; cariotipos; anguilla genus; eels; fishes

POSTED TO: Journal of Fish Biology

SUBJECT: genetica; population genetics; genetica de poblaciones; afrique du nord; africa del norte

POSTED TO: Journal of Zoology

SUBJECT: poultry; osteochondritis; proteine; peso; osteochondrite

POSTED TO: British Poultry Science

SUBJECT: silk; ecologie; araneae; ecologia; oiseau

POSTED TO: Journal of Natural History

Bombardier beetle based biosensor.

Nakatani H.S. et al. [1996]

SUBJECT: enzyme; biosensores; catalasa; metodos; peroxyde d' hydrogene

POSTED TO: Biosensors and Bioelectronics

SUBJECT: migration animale; saumon atlantique; peces; valeur energetique; valor energetico

POSTED TO: Journal of Animal Ecology