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Qartuli Chais Momavali.

Imedadze T. [1999]

Data regarding the volume of green tea leaf production and its processing by the end of 80`s have been given in the article. Reasons for radical reduction in manufacturing of ready prodact and its export volume in the subsquent years have been outlined. The factors contributing to that last, year break down of the production of green tea leaf was stopped and a certain demand on the Georgian te ...

SUBJECT: produit; production; investissement; investment; marche


Joining of Georgia to the World Trade Organization (WTO) is a serious step made towards the establishment of the mutually beneficial trade relations with the member countries of WTO. Despite that the basic principle of WTO is to carry out a liberal trade policy imposing low tariff norms on imported items , at the present stage of social and economic development of the country to establish the ...

SUBJECT: exportation; imports; produit; tarif douanier; production


The history teaches us, that the country that has undergone through serious social and economic problems, overcomes the crisis and reaches recovery of national economy on the bases of agricultural production development. This is the necessary element in the complex of measures, that ensure positive solvency balance in the country and stability of national currency. Nowadays our peasants, farme ...

SUBJECT: agricultores; agriculteur; farmers; activite bancaire; banking


The Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Georgia has worked out efficient forms and policy of relations with International organizations, as a result of which international projects were successfully imlemented. Project orientation is identified according to the main functions of the ministry and is based on the formula: "Initiative from the inside and support from the outside". further increas ...

SUBJECT: land management; developpement agricole; banks; gestion fonciere; ordenacion de tierras


You are the vineeyard

Mamaiashvili, V. [feb1999]

The branch of viticulture and wine production should take a leading position in the futur e life of Georgia. The state shuld work out the protecting program, that will have realistic background for ideological, financial and material provision. Expenses made in this direction will be guaranteed with substantial economic returns. The unique Georgian varieties of vines, With natural and geograph ...

SUBJECT: historia; uva; uvas para vino; law; aguardientes

POSTED TO: Kvali (Georgia)

Legislative acts have been worked out in order to imlemented the land reform and creat complete state land use system. Among them are: Law on Agricultural Land Ownership, that is viewed as one of the most important documents, regulating private owners` relations on land; The law of Georgia on Agricultural Land Lease has regulated lease has relations and contracts, that were made with phisical ...

SUBJECT: secteur prive; foods; terre; produit alimentaire; tierras

POSTED TO: Kvali (Georgia)

Grasshoppers and Their Control

Shavliashvili, I. et al. [feb1999]

Grasshoppers bring a lot of damage, especially during the years of their mass expansion. They are poly-phagius pests and eat plants (grains, technical crops, fruit and vegetables, grass, trees, etc). Serial species of grasshoppers can be met in Georgia, among them the most danerous is Italian Grasshopper. In the measures of grasshopper control big importance is attached to agritechnical activi ...

SUBJECT: vaccin; vacuna; plaguicidas; estructuras de proteccion; protective structures

POSTED TO: Kvali (Georgia)

Agriculture and the Second Crisis

Kunchulia, T. et al. [feb1999]

The article discusses recent structural changes in agricultural production system, reasones contributing to these changes, mistakes made in the course of agricultural reforms implementation, weak impact of stabile macroeconomy on economic development, that in line with other factors contributed to the creation of second crisis in Georgia.

SUBJECT: plantas; benefice; ganancias; plante; production

POSTED TO: Kvali (Georgia)


Chkeidze, Sh. [feb1999]

Georgian tobacco is a profitable product. It has considerable export potential and plays an important role in the economy of Georgia. But unfortunatelyits production was drastically reduced during the recent years;The area of its distribution was also reduced.Reduction of raw tobacco production was caused by imroper export-marketing policy of tea factories. With the support of the Ministry of ...

SUBJECT: fermentacion; usine; production; certificacion; tabac

POSTED TO: Kvali (Georgia)

Successful implementation of objectives, facing Georgia agriculture, is in many aspects conditioned by voluntary cooperation of farmers and establishment of associations, alliances and unions, in line with preparartin and implementation of new economic, organizational, farming and technological policy, as well as ensuring of profitable activities of businessmen, in particularof farmers. Consid ...

SUBJECT: ecologie; produit; ecologia; animal nutrition; nutricion animal

POSTED TO: Kvali (Georgia)