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The subjects dealt with in the paper are: changes in the relation system of food industry and agriculture in the decades after 1945 and monopolization. Demands raised by the food industry on the quality of raw materials, ensuring the right time, quantity and quality of raw material supply. Trends of quality of raw materials first of all concerning homogeneity. Development of the reception syst ...

SUBJECT: industrie alimentaire; tecnologia de los alimentos; food technology; technologie alimentaire; industria alimentaria

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Measurement and computer methods were developed in connection with the stress affecting tins during and after heat treatment. The following programmes were prepared to measure temperature and pressure during heat treatment: programmes calculating heat treatment equivalents, programmes calculating temperature and property fields in the foodstuffs during heat conduction, programmes for heat conv ...

SUBJECT: produit en conserve; tecnologia de los alimentos; food technology; productos enlatados; hungria

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SUBJECT: taxonomie; hungria; taxonomy; quercus; taxonomia

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The colour changes in raspberry were studied during freeze-drying and the followed one year storage. The products were stored in air and N2 atmosphere, in light and dark environment. The colour investigation was carried out by the MOM-COLOR-D colorimeter. Significant changes weren't happened during one year storage. The colour of samples show a small darkening tendency. Considerable quality ch ...

SUBJECT: freeze drying; color; refrigerated storage; couleur; hungria

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Based on the sensory results and residual enzyme activities it was concluded that the unpleasant strange smell is related to the lypoxygenase activity.

SUBJECT: blanching; enzymatic analysis; refrigerated storage; hungria; stockage au froid

POSTED TO: Hutoipar [0018-8085]

Soya allergy.

Polgar M. et al. [1993]

The wide-spread application of soya in human nutrition as well as its outstanding role in feeding infants being allergic to cow's milk led us to the examination of soya allergy. For this purpose we have developed an investigation procedure making possible the screening test of infants fed with soya (co'ws milk allergic patients) and of children arousing suspicion of soya allergy. Considering t ...

SUBJECT: allergie alimentaire; enzymatic analysis; proteine; soja; proteinas

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One of the most distinguished specialists of microelements research, Prof. Walter Mertz wrote in his article (1): "With a view to physiology, the first half of the 20th century can be regarded as the age of vitamins, while the second half will be in all certainty the age of microelements". According to the author, W. Mertz did not exaggerate at all: in the last decade of our century more and m ...

SUBJECT: nutricion humana; food chains; foods; produit alimentaire; oligoelement

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In this work some method was adopted to flow injection system (FIAstar 5010, TECATOR AB, Sweden). Total nitrogen- (as ammonia), phosphorus- and calcium content of food- and feed materials and free and total sulphite content of wine was determined. The results obtained by FIA and by conventional methods were compaered. The results showed that the FIA technique is faster, repeatable, the chemica ...

SUBJECT: sulfuros; calcio; calcium; hungria; raw materials

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The paper deals with the determination of the composition of technical grade cationic fabric softeners based on imidazoline frame. The concentrations of the main products (imidazoline-quaternary-salts) and that of the by-products (diamido-amine-salts) have been differentially determined by means of antagonistic titration.

SUBJECT: imidazole; titrimetrie; surface active agents; titrimetria; titrimetry

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