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Based on a literature review and analysis of trends the author makes some predictions. First, the global potato industry will expand until at least 2020. Second, growth will be most rapid in less developed countries (LDC). Third, fresh and processed potato usage will increase while seed use declines. Fourth, the inelastic demand for fresh potatoes will continue to cause price volatility. Fifth ...

SUBJECT: world markets; markets; potatoes; marche mondial; pomme de terre

POSTED TO: Potato Journal (India) [0970-8235]

The tetraploid potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.), with tetrasomic inheritance, asexual mode of propagation, a heavy load of deleterious recessive alleles and varying levels of sexual and EBN (endosperm balance number) incompatibilities are difficult to negotiate at the genome level. Somatic hybridization through targeted protoplast fusion between two dihaploids of tetraploid potatoes, or between ...

SUBJECT: hybridation somatique; integracion; hibridacion somatica; potatoes; pomme de terre

POSTED TO: Potato Journal (India) [0970-8235]

Subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) is the most advanced method of irrigation, which enables the application of small amounts of water and nutrients to the soil through the drippers placed below the soil surface. Variations of soil structure, texture, and crop's root development pattern preclude the possibility of framing general recommendations for installation depths of SDI system. The specific ...

SUBJECT: subsurface irrigation; potatoes; sol sableux; pomme de terre; irrigation souterraine

POSTED TO: Potato Journal (India) [0970-8235]

Keeping in view the huge requirement of quality seed-potatoes an attempt was made to explore the possibility of growing potato mini-tubers using micro-plants during the off-season (mid August _ December) in high hills of north-west India. Four-week old micro-plants of two potato cultivars of hills, viz. Kufri Himalini and Kufri Giriraj were planted in two different methods of planting i.e. fla ...

SUBJECT: papa de siembra; tubercule; plant de pomme de terre; tubers; seed potatoes

POSTED TO: Potato Journal (India) [0970-8235]

Three field experiments were conducted at Regional Rainfed Lowland Rice Research Station, Gerua, Kamrup, Assam, India to study the effects of mulching on potato (Solanum tuberosum) in a rainfed rice-potato cropping system. Experiment 1 was conducted during three seasons (1999_2000, 2000_2001 and 2001_2002) to examine the effect of mulching on yield and economics of winter crops grown after ric ...

SUBJECT: arroz; mulching; riz; eichhornia; eichhornia crassipes

POSTED TO: Potato Journal (India) [0970-8235]

Late blight caused by Phytophthora infestans attacked potato crop early in the season during 2006_07 in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, West Bengal and Karnataka. Almost entire potato crop in the state of Punjab was affected to a varying extent whereas in other parts of the country, the disease was reported from specific regions. In Punjab, Hoshiapur district ...

SUBJECT: tizon; phytophthora infestans; potatoes; pomme de terre; papa

POSTED TO: Potato Journal (India) [0970-8235]

The effect of Phyton-T, a seaweed extract was studied on growth and yield of potato var. Kufri Jyoti for two years during kharif seasons of 2007and 2008 at ARS, Madenur, Hassan. Growth parameters like number of stems, number of leaves, plant height, leaf length and breadth, leaf area and yield parameters; number and weight of marketable and non-marketable size tuber yield and percentage increa ...

SUBJECT: sargassum; crecimiento; rendimiento; yields; croissance

POSTED TO: Potato Journal (India) [0970-8235]

The paper analyses the trends in area, production and yield of potato during 1950_51 to 2006_07 in India. The growth in value of output from potato and its comparison with fruits and vegetables and total value of output from agriculture was estimated during 1999_2000 to 2005_06 in major potato growing states in India. Apart from this the export of fresh or chilled potatoes in reliable markets ...

SUBJECT: exportation; potatoes; technique de prevision; production; forecasting

POSTED TO: Potato Journal (India) [0970-8235]

The present study was conducted in Kangra (irrigated) and Mandi (rain-fed) districts of Himachal Pradesh during 2005_06. The study revealed that the farmers of irrigated area allocated higher proportion of cultivated land to potato, they had more non-farm income and grew mainly Kufri Jyoti variety of potato. On the other hand, in addition to K. Jyoti, farmers of rain-fed area grew other variet ...

SUBJECT: culture irriguee; potatoes; cultivo de temporal; pomme de terre; papa

POSTED TO: Potato Journal (India) [0970-8235]

SUBJECT: potatoes; trickle irrigation; irrigation goutte a goutte; tubercule; pomme de terre

POSTED TO: Potato Journal (India) [0970-8235]