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The procedure for bovine in vitro fertilization (IVF) involving the collection of ovaries at the slaughterhouse, maturation of oocytes in vitro (IVM), capacitation and insemination in vitro and development to blastocysts in vitro is well established. Transportation of ovaries in physiological saline at 23 and 38degree Centigrade afforded a large number of oocytes capable to develop to blastocy ...

SUBJECT: ternero; veau; quiste ovarico; in vitro fertilization; fecondation in vitro

POSTED TO: JARQ [0021-3551]

SUBJECT: conejo oryctolagus; consumo de oxigeno; ovulo; sucinato deshidrogenasa; rabbits

POSTED TO: Tohoku Journal of Agricultural Research [0040-8719]

Visual evoked potential (VEPs) were recorded from 10 adult male guinea pigs by the use of implanted electrodes. Two kinds of electrode placements were reported by the previous investigators. We decide to compare the VEP waveforms recorded with these electrode placements (group A and B). In both groups, the waveform of the VEP consisted of 5 major positive waves (P10 through P00) and 4 major ne ...

SUBJECT: experimentos; experiments; oeil; cobaya; ojos

POSTED TO: Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture Tottori University [0082-5360]

SUBJECT: bombyx mori; temperature ambiante; maladie des insectes; nosema bombycis; control de enfermedades

POSTED TO: Acta Sericologica et Entomologica [0915-2660]

SUBJECT: thyroxine; rat; tiroxina; rata; heat treatment

POSTED TO: Memoirs of the College of Agriculture Kyoto University [0388-2330]

SUBJECT: cankers; exudation; microscopie; lesions; symptome

POSTED TO: Bulletin of Equine Research Institute [0386-4634]

The complement system is composed of approximately 20 plasma proteins and constitutes a major humoral defense and clearance system in the bloodstream. New complement deficiencies, i.e. C8alpha-gamma deficiency (C8alpha-gammaD) and C3 hypocomplementemia (C3-hypo), were identified in rabbits. The C8alpha-gammaD and C3-hypo were transmitted as a simple autosomal recessive and condominant trait, r ...

SUBJECT: molecular biology; conejo oryctolagus; endocrinologia; trouble genetique; complement blood

POSTED TO: JARQ [0021-3551]

SUBJECT: heat; descendance; viabilidad; sex; temperature resistance

POSTED TO: Tohoku Journal of Agricultural Research [0040-8719]

SUBJECT: rhodophyceae; anatomia de la planta; anatomie vegetale; plant anatomy; desarrollo biologico

POSTED TO: Bulletin of the Faculty of Fisheries Nagasaki University [0547-1427]

SUBJECT: mer du japon; swarming; sea of japan; ecologie animale; essaimage

POSTED TO: Bulletin of the Japan Sea National Fisheries Research Institute [0021-4620]