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Presents papers and the proceedings of a workshop on farm tools and equipment technology in Kenya. Covers such issues as the demand-supply relationships and marketing of farm equipments, their evaluation and innovations, constraints in their use, and their manufacture and distribution within the country. Gives the research progress on farm equipments and future recommendations on mechanization ...

SUBJECT: implements; aperos; outil; investigacion de mercados; investissement

The rural social sciences are basic to many of the perennial fundamental issues of economic development in Kenya. This seminar therefore addressed itself to the developing of rural research priorities and also to the deriving of an intermediate to long term strategy for facilitating effective contribution of the social sciences to the process of economic development. The need for collaborative ...

SUBJECT: research policies; politique de la recherche; politica de investigacion; economic development; sociologie rurale

POSTED TO: Occasional Paper - Institute for Development Studies (Kenya). no. 53.