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More than one hundred thousand Cambodian refugees were repatriated by UNHCR to Battambang province during 1992-93. They represent about 1/3 of the returnees from the Thai border. Each family received a UN rice supplement for 400 days. A two phase study was carried out by six Cambodian researchers through interviews in order to set up specific case studies of the villagers who had succeeded in ...

SUBJECT: social groups; groupe social; politica de desarrollo; grupos sociales; cambodia

A comprehensive description of the activities and achievements of Kran You Development Center, which is sponsored by H.E. Hun Sen, covers agricultural extension, school construction, irrigation, home improvement and rural hygene.

SUBJECT: intensive farming; education; infraestructura; cultivo mixto; water management

POSTED TO: Kambuja

Scale project interim report 1994.

Dowall S. et al. [1994]

The Scale fishery pilot project has shown promising results in 1993 which suggests that the programme will be successful in facilitating the refinement of appropriate aquaculture systems. The construction programme objectives of fish hatcheries have required amendments due to substantial piping erosion causing linkages of the ponds. The fingerlings required for supplying the 1993 farm based tr ...

SUBJECT: capacitacion; methode d' amelioration genetique; larve de poisson; remorque; revenu de l' exploitation

The seminar focused on upgrading the understanding and awareness of the safe use of pesticide in connection with I.P.M. which is bound to be the important trend and activities of agricultural development for a sustainable development on an ecologically sound basis and the protection of the environment. If we do not have a proper strategy to protect our environment, no sustainable development c ...

SUBJECT: technologie appropriee; innocuite des produits alimentaires; water pollution; environmental impact; polucion del agua

After two decates of civil war, Cambodian road network is in a very poor condition. The rehabilitation long term programme requires a big budject for which international aid is required. The main priority is road 5 that constitutes a connection to the Southeast Asian highway from Singapore to China

SUBJECT: rivers; carreteras; road transport; production; transporte por carretera

The completion report of the agricultural extension project in Cambodia implemented by ACR, in partnership with MAFF, details the project achivements and the design document of the 1994 extension agreement. The major achievement is staff development, training of extension trainer to be sustainable in the future, capacity building of counterpart staff for the new department of agricultural exte ...

SUBJECT: agricultores; extension; liderazgo; capacitacion; cambodia

The purpose of the request survey is to grasp the needs of the Cambodian government for each Japanese grant aid and technical cooperation program in the following fiscal year and the JICA field office. The survey results are to be forwarded to the Japanese government in order to prepare an annual implementation plan and to secure required budgets for each program

SUBJECT: enquete; aide au developpement; development projects; development aid; surveys

The purpose of the International Round Table to discuss issues and implications of the ongoing structural adjustment program in Cambodia. It underlines the need to link up the ongoing economic reform policies to long term growth and development of the Cambodian economy. It was the first of its kind in Cambodia to discuss the macro economic reform policies agreed to between the Royal Government ...

SUBJECT: structural policies; adjustment of production; cambodia; changement structurel; politica de estructuras

The Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) is a membership organization established in 1990 for NGOs working in Cambodia. It was officially accredited by the Cambodian Government in 1991. Its current membership comprises 69 agencies, both international and local. It reflects the focus on the compelling development issues for Cambodia today and NGO strategies for addressing them

SUBJECT: cambio tecnologico; role of women; infraestructura; technological changes; role des femmes

In rural Cambodia, water supply could be greatly improved by the use of hand pumps. However, these may become popular providing their cost is greatly reduced as well as the energy and the time they require. The outcome of the workshop is a major step towards the introduction of a village level operation and maintenance/management concept of hand pumps. Maintenance skills should favour the dura ...

SUBJECT: capacitacion; villages; quality controls; pumps; training