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In this research work, isolation and identification of different isolates of bacteria have been made from different potato tubers showing scab symptoms collected from different areas in Romania and P.D.R. Yemen. Different culture media have been used for studying the morphological and biochemical features of these bacterial isolates. Results have shown that all isolates of the bacteria Strepto ...

SUBJECT: technique de l' isolement; potatoes; gale; identificacion; isolation technique

POSTED TO: Majallat wiqa:yat al naba:t al 3arabiyyat

SUBJECT: dioxido de carbono; concentrating; concentracion; carbon dioxide; jugo de frutas

SUBJECT: jugo de frutas; jarabe de frutas; aditivos alimentarios; compose aromatique; compuestos aromaticos

SUBJECT: liban; higiene de los alimentos; legislacion; inspeccion de los alimentos; lebanon

SUBJECT: reglementation des eaux; water rights; liban; agua de riego; derecho de aguas

POSTED TO: Appui Technique pour la Planification du Developpement Agricole et Rural (Lebanon).

A study on the effect of trifluralin (alpha, tridluro - 2,6 -dinitro-N,N - Dipropyl-p-toluidine) showed that this herbicide depressed germination, root and shoot development till 5 leaf stages, and resulted in decreased root nodulation in the plants by about 3%, under field conditions in the Beqa'a plain of Lebanon. A supporting study with chickpea plants conducted in pots in Beirut showed sim ...

SUBJECT: formation de nodosites; crecimiento; cicer arietinum; substance toxique; croissance

POSTED TO: Majallat Wiqa:yat al naba:t al 3arabiyyat [0255-982X]

SUBJECT: habitats; habitat; utilizacion de la tierra; economic situation; fauna

SUBJECT: rivers; environments; qualite de l' eau; algae; evolucion de la poblacion