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SUBJECT: brackishwater environment; usos; water management; ambiente de agua salobre; laguna costera


SUBJECT: suelos; chimie du sol; quimica del suelo; plantaciones; sols

POSTED TO: Sri Lanka Journal of Tea Science

SUBJECT: plantas para recuperacion del suelo; plante pour la restauration du sol; soil reclamation plants; plantation; planting

POSTED TO: Tea Bulletin

SUBJECT: climatologie; sri lanka; climatology; climatologia

SUBJECT: semiarid zones; semilla; seeds; rendement des cultures; variete

SUBJECT: pays en developpement; paises en desarrollo; wastes; animal litter; developing countries


SUBJECT: suelos; caract morfologicas suelos; sri lanka; sols; highland

POSTED TO: Sri Lankan Journal of Agricultural Sciences

SUBJECT: poultry; energie; energia; ipomoea batatas; valeur nutritive

POSTED TO: Sri Lankan Journal of Agricultural Sciences

SUBJECT: perimetre irriguee; sri lanka; perimetro regado; irrigation schemes; mantenimiento

SUBJECT: cultivo mixto; sri lanka; culture en melange; mixed cropping; cocos nucifera

POSTED TO: Coconut Bulletin