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SUBJECT: nutricion humana; alimentation de l' enfant; alimentos para ninos; infant foods; alimentacion infantil

SUBJECT: triticum aestivum; sorghum; epice; oryza sativa; pennisetum typhoides

SUBJECT: plantas textiles; cultivos comerciales; rendement des cultures; enfermedades de las plantas; hibridos

SUBJECT: explotacion en pequena escala; petite exploitation; extension; capacitacion; developpement agricole

SUBJECT: reforme agraire; malawi; bien etre social; agrarian reform; social welfare

SUBJECT: legumineuse fourragere; fertilizantes; soil chemicophysical properties; cultivo intercalado; compost

The purpose of this guidebook is to provide local tree growers with a single major reference manual for the principal forest operations carried out in plantations. The techniques outlined have been derived mainly from the results of over 25 years of forest research work conducted locally. The information given in this guidebook is mostly broad and general, but refers specifically to the follow ...

SUBJECT: forest trees; protection des plantes; pruning; seed; poda

Women and food processing in Malawi.

Mkandawire R.M. et al. [1987]

SUBJECT: role of women; food production; tecnologia de los alimentos; role des femmes; food technology

SUBJECT: evaluation; malawi; maiz dentado; equipement; equipo

SUBJECT: macroeconomic analysis; economic situation; situation economique; analisis macroeconomico; production factors