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SUBJECT: productividad; theobroma cacao; malaysia; sustainability; quality

SUBJECT: markets; production; prix; theobroma cacao; prices

SUBJECT: world; production; economia de la produccion; production economics; mundo

SUBJECT: exportation; cocoa beans; imports; feve de cacao; exports

The challenge in Indonesian cocoa industry

Zulhefi Sikumbang, Indonesian Cocoa Association [2006]

Cocoa plays important role in Indonesian economy. However, contribution of cocoa mainly comes from cocoa bean export rather than cocoa processing and chocolate products. This paper addresses the challenge of the development of cocoa industries in Indonesia. Performance of cocoa industries, especially local industries, is hindered by disincentive government regulations, lack of working capital ...

SUBJECT: industria; indonesie; cocoa beans; trade; industrie

SUBJECT: usa; hipertension; flavonoide; theobroma cacao; cardiovascular diseases

SUBJECT: breeding methods; productividad; plant breeding; theobroma cacao; malaysia

SUBJECT: ressource genetique; germoplasma; recursos geneticos; biodiversity; royaume-uni

This paper summarizes the objectives and achievements obtained in two successive 'CFC\\ICCO\\IPGRI' projects, aiming at enhanced collaborative and participative approaches to cocoa germplasm evaluation and selection. The 'Cocoa Germplasm Utilization and Conservation, a Global Approach' project (1998-2004) had as main objective to strengthen cocoa improvement programs and to increase internatio ...

SUBJECT: metodos; germplasm; methods; evaluacion; international cooperation

SUBJECT: breeding methods; genotypes; asie du sud-est; genotipos; theobroma cacao