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Klein P.F.E. [1991]

A program for the production of citrus in Namibia. It is divided into months with specific indicators as what to add to the soil and how much at a time.

SUBJECT: production vegetale; produccion vegetal; plant production; namibie; citrus

The executive summary and recommendations of the feasibility study on the Isize rice project in the North of Namibia on the Zambezi river.

SUBJECT: cultivo; zambeze; pratique culturale; rio zambeze; zambezi river

The publication covers the oshana region of central Owambo in northern Namibia, a wetland with a network of ephemeral watercourses originating in Angola and terminating in the Etosha Pan. The geographical setting, human settlement, natural resources, agriculture, livestock, wild plant and animal use and various issues related to sustainable development of this environment are included in the c ...

SUBJECT: resource management; eau disponible; disponibilidad del agua; environmental factors; factores ambientales

This article presents data and results of performance tests of 6 beef cattle breeds of 3 different frame sizes which were done over a period of 14 years (1977-1990) at the Omatjenne Research Station in Namibia. The Sanga and Nguni represented small frame indigenous breeds, the Afrikaner and Hereford the medium frame indigenous and beef breeds respectively, and the Santa Getrudis and Simmentale ...

SUBJECT: ganado de carne; land races; race mixte; razas indigenas; breeds animals

POSTED TO: Agricola [1015-2334]

The whole dairy industry in South West Africa (now Namibia) is under investigation, looking specifically at the economic aspects thereof and all related industries from such activities.

SUBJECT: industria lechera; industrie laitiere; namibie; dairy industry; namibia

This report was to establish the development possibilities in the areas of the Topnaar, Afrikaner and Nama lands. This falls into the communal areas and these farmers do not own the land. The report looks at the size of farms, infrastructure on the areas and farming methods.

SUBJECT: entorno socioeconomico; environnement socioeconomique; namibie; socioeconomic environment; namibia

The document identifies and reviews current sectoral policy initiatives which will contribute to achieving the following three objectives: improving household level resources, improving knowledge, attitudes and practices and improving social and supporting services. It gives further policy statements needed to complete the Food and Nutrition policy for Namibia.

SUBJECT: nutricion humana; politica nutricional; human nutrition; nutrition humaine; nutrition policies

This article presents preliminary results of a project to review and evaluate different breeding strategies in Namibia. The research is conducted at the Omatjenne Research Station and the data given covers the years 1992-1994. Breeding groups selected were Simmentaler, Bonsmara, Sanga, Sanga Terminal, Afrikaner Terminal and Simm x Brahman and comparisons have been based on the biomass principl ...

SUBJECT: animal breeding; breeding value; methode d' amelioration genetique; ganado de carne; breeds animals

POSTED TO: Agricola [1015-2334]

Proposals for development modules are discussed and a cost analysis is given. Proposals for the implementation of the development modules are also given.

SUBJECT: terre a usage multiple; agricultores; desarrollo agricola; developpement agricole; agricultural development

Different agricultural development approaches are discussed and a hypothetical establishment model is sketched. A forum for interested parties to discuss problems is proposed.

SUBJECT: production vegetale; riego; agricultores; plant production; agriculteur