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Principles of irrigation technology of restoration municipal wastes landfills

Zakowicz, S.,Szkola Glowna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego [2010]

Irrigation systems useful during restoration of landfill sites i.e. micro-sprinkler and border irrigation in which water is delivered by pipes were examined. The study shows that micro-sprinkler irrigation system is suitable for tree irrigation while border irrigation system is proper for grassland irrigation

SUBJECT: amelioration fonciere; riego; metodos; wastes; methods

POSTED TO: Rozprawy Naukowe i Monografie. Szkola Glowna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego (Poland)

Financing education in the rural areas by public sources

Kowalska, I.,Szkola Glowna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego [2010]

The problem of financing education was presented from viewpoint of political economy. It was possible to provide a complex estimation of the functioning of this sector of public finances thanks to extending the research scope to the three most important functions of the state budget; allocation, redistributive and simulating ones

SUBJECT: metodos; education; villages; methods; zonas rurales

POSTED TO: Rozprawy Naukowe i Monografie. Szkola Glowna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego (Poland)

For the purpose of our experiment a model of reaction to stress on the level of cellular organelle was implemented. In this model the activity of chosen enzymes was measured in lysosomal, microsomal and cytosolic fraction of centrifuged homogenate of liver and kidney of Swiss laboratory mice. The results were assessed by means of three-way analysis of variance by SAS system and proved to be of ...

SUBJECT: metabolisme; antioxidants; methods; vitamin e; enzymes

In the case of mineral and organic soils its direct measurement is impossible for the reason of the granular character of all soils. indirect methods based on the bundle model and the Washburn theory have to overtime its value for the reason of non-cylindrical of soil pores. Above conclusion results from the mathematical model of capillarity in non-cylindrical pores elaborated for the project ...

SUBJECT: methods; soil water regimes; soil water; soil pore system; sorption

POSTED TO: Acta Agrophysica. Rozprawy i Monografie (Poland) [1234-4125]

The study of determinants of nutritional behaviours among adolescents

Kollajtis-Dolowy, A.,Szkola Glowna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego [2010]

It was shown that in the group studied numerous nutritional faults has been made, namely to few and irregularly eaten meals; unreasonable use of restrictive diets; too rare consumption of vegetables, milk, fermented and low fat milk products; low consumption of cereal products and potato, fish and legumes; too high consumption of sweets and sugars, meat and meat products

SUBJECT: jeunesse; metodos; prise alimentaire (homme); feeding frequency; methods

POSTED TO: Rozprawy Naukowe i Monografie. Szkola Glowna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego (Poland) [1234-4125]

This monograph is an attempt at estimation -based on literature date-of the physical properties of cereals and legumes, dividing the material studied into two groups; material evaluated prior to the registration of a cultivar (hybrids, mutants, addition lines collection materials, lines) and material constituting the final product i.e. commercial cultivars

SUBJECT: cereales; genetica; seed; chemicophysical properties; strength

POSTED TO: Acta Agrophysica. Rozprawy i Monografie (Poland) [1234-4125]

The primary objective of this monograph is a review of methods used in the determination of particle size distribution of soils. The broad spectrum of methods under analysis comprises, among other, the following; sensory method (fingertip method), sieve methods, sedimentation methods, the realization of which is based on the Stokes Law and the comprise, among others; aromatic method, pipette m ...

SUBJECT: soil texture; classification des sols; metodos; soil chemicophysical properties; texture du sol

POSTED TO: Acta Agrophysica. Rozprawy i Monografie (Poland) [1234-4125]

Results obtained from the research allowed drawing a conclusion that stronger relations with economic results occurred in case of farms input relations than their output relations. The research confirmed that greater connections with the surrounding environment occurred in the case of specialised farms. On the other hand, lowest activity in terms of contacts with surrounding environment was re ...

SUBJECT: efficacite; methods; factores ambientales; production factors; methode

POSTED TO: Rozprawy Naukowe i Monografie. Szkola Glowna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego (Poland)

This thesis presents the results of the research concerning the influence of aluminium and copper stress on the surface area as well as on the adsorption energy of water vapour and nitrogen, the size of variable surface charge, the cation exchange capacity, the surface distribution of dissociation constant and geometry of microporsity of roots of selected monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous plant

SUBJECT: cuivre; chemicophysical properties; ion exchange; ion; dicotiledoneas

POSTED TO: Acta Agrophysica. Rozprawy i Monografie (Poland) [1234-4125]

The aim of the research work presented in this paper was to evaluate the influence of eight fertilization systems on content of organic carbon and some physical soil properties. The secondary focus of the study was the estimation of the relationship between physical soil properties and the total organic carbon content of the soil as well as between water content pF 2.0,pF2.4, effective retenti ...

SUBJECT: soil texture; metodos; soil chemicophysical properties; sol sableux; texture du sol

POSTED TO: Rozprawy Naukowe i Monografie. Szkola Glowna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego (Poland)