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Final report submitted to the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH and the Bundesministerium fur Wirstschafliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ) by IIMI (Project no.91.7860.9-01.288). In this report the key concepts are defined and a working hyothesis is identified for imputting the impacts of irrigation management turnover. A methodology for measuring the extent ...

SUBJECT: riego; usa; economic situation; factores ambientales; soudan

The government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) sought the support of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for a program aimed at augmenting the economic development in the North Central Province (NCP) of Sri Lanka. The GOSL specifically sought the assistance of the ADB for a broad-based, multi-faceted area development program to complement the Participatory Rural Development project which is being prepared fo ...

SUBJECT: riego; utilizacion de la tierra; pluie; analisis de costos y beneficios; evapotranspiration

SUBJECT: riego; eau disponible; agua superficial; disponibilidad del agua; pluie

SUBJECT: burkina faso; agriculture; evaluacion de proyectos; oryza; agricultura

SUBJECT: burkina faso; agriculture; clima; irrigation systems; climat

SUBJECT: burkina faso; irrigation systems; systeme de culture; sistemas de cultivo; cropping systems

The paper presents the results of implementation of the On Farm Drainage Pilot Project under the "Second On-Farm Water Management Project, Dera Ghazi Khan" that has successfully been implemented on a gross area of about 1,500 hectares.

SUBJECT: production vegetale; riego; plant production; systeme d' exploitation agricole; pakistan

This paper provides a discussion on tubewell development, conjunctive use environment, spatial groundwater quality variations, skimming well concept and the results of a model study carried out by employing a three-dimensional groundwater model, HST3D (Heat and Solute Transport in Saturated 3-Dimensional Groundwater Flow System) in the Rechna Doab, Punjab. The groundwater salinity model provid ...

SUBJECT: riego; salinity; pozos; puits; eau souterraine

SUBJECT: rivers; riego; agricultura de regadio; productividad; irrigated farming

SUBJECT: culture irriguee; water resources; agricultura de regadio; ressource en eau; pakistan